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Multi-Destination, Multi-Destination, Outside US

As an H10 Premium member, you will receive our special attention as well as benefit from the high level of service offered by H10 Hotels. Their locations in the Caribbean and in Europe are designed for you to take pleasure in moments of rest, comfort, luxury, relaxation, fun, and all that you look for in a vacation. The H10 Premium membership is full of options and advantages. Thanks to the Floating weeks Premium System, you will have the ability to choose a specific week in the year and the destination that meets your travel requirements. You will be able to choose any of our H10 Premium destinations, or even travel to any one of H10 Hotels' non-affiliated hotels. In addition to the weeks acquired through the H10 Premium program, your membership offers the ability to obtain discounts and exclusive rates for reservations throughout our H10 Hotels establishments, located in the most important vacation destinations in the world, and major cities in Europe. It's simple, just decide when and where you want to travel, and then you can begin to enjoy the benefits that the H10 Premium membership offers you.