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Premiere Vacation Club - Multi-Destination Timeshares for Sale

Premiere Vacation Club - Multi-Destination

Multi-Destination, Multi-Destination, Multi-Destination

If you were to design a list of dream vacations, what would they look like? You'd choose locations that suit your family's lifestyle and interests. You'd select accommodations and amenities that consistently deliver warm hospitality, friendly service and high quality that make you feel right at home. And in today's hectic world, you'd want convenient access and the ability to get away for short and long trips, as often as you could. In short, you'd create *Premiere Vacation Club* the vacation ownership program that offers an ideal blend of flexibility, luxury, comfort and superior service-in addition to a deeded interest in real estate! Stay as little as two nights or as long as a week at any one of the Premiere Vacation Collection resorts including: Carriage House in Las Vegas, Nevada; The Inn at Los Abrigados, Sedona, Arizona; Varsity Clubs of America-South Bend Chapter, South Bend, Indiana; Varsity Clubs of America-Tuscon Chapter, Tuscon, Arizona; Golden Eagle Resort, Estes Park, Colorado; Los Abrigados Resort and Spa, Sedona, Arizona; Kohl's Range Lodge in Payson, Arizona; Roundhouse Resort in Pinetop, Arizona and Sea of Cortez Beach Club in San Carlos, Mexico! It's the dream vacation that's what you want it to be, every time you go.