Westin Ownership

With a Westin timeshare ownership, owners receive membership to the Starwood Vacation Network. This membership comes with benefits, Westin points, and ownership fees.

Learn more about Westin ownership in order to get the most out of your current or future Westin timeshare by using this page filled with comprehensive information about the brand and what it is like to own one of these fantastic vacation ownership properties.

Are you ready to discover a new way to enjoy vacations every year? Do you want accommodations that welcome you with comfort and luxury, all while enjoying exclusive perks and rewards? Begin browsing discounted Westin timeshare resales or rentals using the links below!

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Westin Points

Westin timeshare members who own at a Starwood Mandatory Resort are given StarOptions—Starwood's points-based ownership—to receive additional benefits.

How to Use Your StarOptions:

  • Reserve Your Timeshare Week
    Use your StarOptions to reserve at a resort within the Starwood Vacation Network. Up to eight months before your planned vacation, you may call Starwood to request a reservation at any resort within their network.
  • Bank Your StarOptions
    If you wish to take a more luxurious vacation or do not use your StarOptions during your timeshare year, you have the option to bank your points to be used the next year. Banking your points will accumulate a greater amount of StarOptions for you to use during your next vacation, giving you a greater variety of vacationing options—including bigger accommodations or a higher-demand season. You are able to bank up to a full year's worth of StarOptions, which will be available to you to use for up to two years. However, be aware that there is a $99 banking fee and banked StarOptions cannot be submitted to an exchange company.

Westin Timeshare Fees

With a Westin timeshare ownership comes membership fees. Make sure you understand the fees you will receive with a Westin timeshare, in addition to the cost of your resale. Plan these additional fees into your overall budget for buying a Westin timeshare.

  • Maintenance Fees
    Whether you choose to buy a Westin timeshare resale or one directly from the developer, you will be required to pay annual maintenance fees that go towards the general maintenance and upkeep of the resort and your unit. These fees vary by resort and typically fluctuate each year.

  • Starwood Vacation Network Fee
    The Starwood Vacation Network Fee is only paid by owners that can exchange within the Starwood Vacation Network—meaning owners with StarOptions.

  • Reservations and StarOptions Fees
    While booking, changing, or cancelling a timeshare reservation, you may encounter various fees through Starwood. Prior to making a reservation, contact Starwood to find out more about these fees.

Westin Timeshare Exchange

Owners with StarOptions can use their points to exchange their timeshare within the Starwood Vacation Network. The number of StarOptions Mandatory resort owners receive is determined by the season and size of your unit.

Westin timeshare owners at both Mandatory and Voluntary resorts are also able to use Interval International to explore thousands of exciting destinations around the world, outside of the Westin or Starwood network.

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