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Why Buy Westin Timeshare?

A Westin timeshare offers owners incredible vacations in top destinations, along with great flexibility in planning and a variety of accommodation options. Return to your favorite Westin resort year after year, or use your timeshare exchange benefits to try some place new. Choose the right fit for your family—ranging from a charming studio to lavish 3-bedroom villa. Select a fixed week ownership to guarantee vacationing on the same week every year, or opt for a floating week for more flexibility in planning your retreats. Buy a Westin timeshare resale today and discover years of adventure, tranquility, and comfort—without having to sacrifice your hard-earned savings.

As a part of the elite Starwood Vacation Network brand, some Westin resorts will include StarOptions with your purchase. These allow you to exchange your timeshare within the Starwood network. To learn more about using StarOptions, read about Starwood points and exchanges. All Starwood resorts are available to trade with Interval International or another external exchange company.

What To Consider When Buying a Westin Timeshare

For the most flexibility in your vacation ownership, consider buying a StarOptions Mandatory timeshare, which will give you points, called StarOptions, to use for exchanging your resort through the Starwood Vacation Network. There are currently four StarOptions Mandatory resorts within the Westin brand:

Find all available resorts for purchase on our Westin Resorts directory page.

For more information on how Westin timeshare exchange works, visit our Westin ownership information page.

Buy Westin Timeshare Resorts

Westin timeshares are steeped in luxury. From the beaches of St. John to the deserts of Arizona, you're guaranteed to find a luxury escape awaiting you. Filled with premium accommodations and fantastic resort amenities, Westin has earned a reputation for being among the best the industry has to offer. Check out our list of Top 10 Westin timeshare resorts, or look into renting a Westin timeshare for a great one-time vacation experience.

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