Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham is the largest sector of Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Membership with Club Wyndham provides you with the chance to travel the world—as long as you have the points! Each membership package is customizable to fit your travel needs. Choose from a small Wyndham points package for a cozy resort or over 1,000,000 points for the ultimate flexibility in your annual getaways.

Club Wyndham also provides a great selection of perks and additional ownership options. From dining discounts to extra vacations, there's no limit to the opportunities. Wyndham timeshare resales also lets current Club members add to their existing points, but for a much better value! Find out how to reserve a Club Wyndham timeshare now.

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Wyndham Points

Club Wyndham membership levels are based upon your yearly points allowance and contract. Not sure how many Wyndham timeshare points you will need? Not a problem! When you buy Wyndham timeshare, you always have the option to purchase additional points at a later date.

Club Wyndham Plus

Up to 399,000 Points

The first level of ownership is known as Club Wyndham Plus. There are three variations of Club Wyndham Plus:

Club Wyndham Select

Owners who have purchased a deeded timeshare at a "select" resort. These owners have the privilege of booking reservations at their resort 10–13 months in advance. This type of membership can consist of a fixed week, floating week, or points.

Club Wyndham Access

Owners work strictly on a points system. With this ownership, you can travel to a variety of Club Wyndham resorts based on your points value and membership details.

Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve

This program offers access to Wyndham's most exclusive properties and most glamourous suites. There are two forms of ownership within this program. You have the option to purchase a deeded interest at a specific Presidential Reserve Suites resort, or purchase Presidential Reserve Points. Should you choose the points system, you'll have the option to vacation at any of the presidential properties. You can also book up to 14 months in advance at your home resort.

Club Wyndham Resorts

Wyndham offers almost 100 Club Wyndham Plus locations and affiliated resorts. Resorts located specifically within Club Wyndham are sorted into two collections: The Avenue Collection and The Legacy Collection.

The Avenue Collection

Location, location, location! This collection of resorts features properties in some of the world's most popular cities, including fast-paced urban settings. These resorts are located near must-see attractions, shops, and restaurants. The Wyndham Avenue Collection resorts are typically designed to fit with the city's native architecture. These units may also be a bit smaller due to the city atmosphere.

Avenue Collection destinations include:

The Legacy Collection

With Club Wyndham, The Legacy Collection, you'll enjoy some of Wyndham's earliest and most traditional resorts. These resorts are perfect for travelers looking to kick back and relax. Set in some of the most breathtaking settings, most of these Club Wyndham resorts offer a retreat to nature. However, the Legacy Collection also provides a great assortment of amenities and activities if you prefer to keep busy.

Destinations in the Legacy collection include:

Additional Membership Perks

Club Wyndham is a modern and rewarding vacation ownership program that has mastered the art of putting vacations fully in the hands of club members. As a timeshare resale owner, you can gain access to the club and earn unbelievable perks and bonuses to help enhance your yearly trip planning and travel experience.

Wyndham Adventures

Adventures vacations come complete with your own personal tour guide! Well, you'll share your guide with a group of fellow Wyndham members, but meeting new people is half the fun. These guided group tours allow you to experience a new destination and not miss a single attraction.

In addition to your accommodations, Adventures trips also include group dining at authentic restaurants, excursions, and tour transportation. Don't worry, you'll still have plenty of free time to explore on your own.

Your Wyndham Points can be used towards Adventures trips, and you can book as far as 10 months from the trip date to as little as 15 days before. You can also rent additional points for $10 per 1,000 points when you book 15 days – 90 days in advance.

Cruising with Club Wyndham

Use your Club Wyndham Points to take a 3, 4, 5, or 7 night cruise! Choose from the Bahamas, the East Caribbean, the West Caribbean, or all three! Wyndham has built relationships with both Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Line to provide their members with some of their most popular cruises.

While points charts are advertised with a two person occupancy, you also have the option to pay an additional rate for up to four people. Members can also rent points from Wyndham at the rate of $10 per 1,000 points. Borrowed and Credit Pool Points cannot be used towards cruise reservations.

The most popular cruises can fill up quickly, so book in advance! All Wyndham cruise reservations can be booked up to 10 months in advance or as little as 60 days prior to the sailing date.

Each year, Wyndham will allow you to rent up to your annual point allocation. For example, if you typically receive 300,000 points per year, you can also rent up to 300,000 points per year. Read more about renting Wyndham points.

Perks by Club Wyndham

The Perks by Club Wyndham Program offers special discounts on car rentals, dining, golf, and entertainment. These perks can be used in conjunction with your Wyndham vacation or even while you're at home. You can also receive savings on movies, shopping, and cruises.


For an additional membership fee, you can also enroll in the PlusPartners travel program. This extra program will allow you to use your Club Wyndham points for even more exciting travel purchases.

Arguably, the best perk with PlusPartners is the chance to stay at any property within the Wyndham Family of Hotels and Resorts. Additional perks include the option to use your points for car rentals and attraction tickets to theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Studios.

PlusPartner members who also maintain an RCI membership have the option to use the RCI Nightly Stay program. Use your Club Wyndham points to book as little as one night up to seven nights at any of the eligible RCI-affiliated resorts. Note that there is a reservation fee required to book with RCI Nightly Stays.

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