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Since its incorporation in 1989, Texas-based Silverleaf Resorts has been providing luxurious yet cost-effective properties to its timeshare owners and renters. Throughout its existence, Silverleaf has kept in mind its mission to provide value, variety, convenience and flexibility to its owners, and the company is still committed to these key elements of success today. Silverleaf timeshare resales offer affordable vacations in many high-quality resorts throughout the states of Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts, Colorado and Florida, with adventures to suit every one of your traveling companions!

Silverleaf Vacation Timeshares - Fun Like You've Never Imagined!

Each Silverleaf vacation resort falls into one of two categories: Getaway Resorts or Destination Resorts. Silverleaf's Getaway Resorts are located within two hours of major metropolitan areas to allow for easily accessible vacations for residents within driving distance, eliminating the hassle (and expense) of air travel. Destination Resorts, on the other hand, are located in unique settings, perhaps more exotic or remote, for vacationers able to and willing to travel longer distances. So whether you are looking for a Silverleaf timeshare rental or resale that's close to home, or you are looking for an adventure farther away, there's a Silverleaf Resorts timeshare to accommodate your wishes!

When you decide to buy Silverleaf timeshare, your vacation plans will be upgraded for life! Whether your ideal vacation includes a family trip to Disney World at Silverleaf's Orlando Breeze Resort; an exotic scuba diving vacation while staying at Silverleaf's Seaside Resort in Galveston, Texas; hikes through Tallulah Gorge State Park while staying at Silverleaf's Apple Mountain Resort in Georgia; or seeing the sights of Branson, Missouri from Silverleaf's Holiday Hills Resort, you'll be staying in luxurious Silverleaf timeshare properties that allow you to sleep comfortably while experiencing the adventures of a lifetime.

Silverleaf Vacations - Join the Club!

If you choose to invest in a Silverleaf Resorts timeshare resale, you'll learn that the Silverleaf Exchange Program was created with flexibility in mind. The only thing you need to worry about is what mood you are in - to swim, ski, golf or hike - and Silverleaf Resorts will take care of the rest. With Silverleaf's Bonus Time program, you'll also be able to take advantage of available space at any of their breathtaking resorts, any time you wish.

In addition to the 14 resorts within the Silverleaf Resort internal exchange network, your Silverleaf timeshare will grant you access to more than 3,000 resorts worldwide through an external exchange network. With an unmatched range of accommodations and amenities, convenient locations and ultimate flexibility, Silverleaf Resorts will provide you with a lifetime of the fabulous prepaid vacations that you deserve. To take advantage of timeshare membership without paying steep developer expenses, buy directly from the owner and you'll save up to 65% off the original cost! Don't hesitate any longer - it's time to start planning a lifetime of unforgettable vacations!

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Silverleaf Resorts


Silverleafs Orlando Breeze Resort

Silverleaf's Orlando Breeze Resort
Davenport, Florida, USA

Silverleafs Apple Mountain Resort

Silverleaf's Apple Mountain Resort
Clarkesville, Georgia, USA

Silverleafs Fox River Resort

Silverleaf's Fox River Resort
Sheridan, Illinois, USA

Silverleafs Oak N Spruce Resort

Silverleaf's Oak N' Spruce Resort
South Lee, Massachusetts, USA

Silverleafs Holiday Hills Resort

Silverleaf's Holiday Hills Resort
Branson, Missouri, USA

Silverleafs Timber Creek Resort

Silverleaf's Timber Creek Resort
Desoto, Missouri, USA

Silverleafs Ozark Mountain Resort

Silverleaf's Ozark Mountain Resort
Kimberling, Missouri, USA

Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort

Silverleaf Piney Shores Resort
Conroe, Texas, USA

Silverleafs Villages

Silverleaf's Villages
Flint, Texas, USA

Silverleafs Seaside Resort

Silverleaf's Seaside Resort
Galveston, Texas, USA

Silverleafs Holly Lake Ranch Resort

Silverleaf's Holly Lake Ranch Resort
Holly Lake Ranch, Texas, USA