Sell My Timeshare Now Reviews from Timeshare Owners

Owner Testimonial – Sean S
Sean S. Atlanta, GA

"I googled "Timeshare resales" and it had listed SellMyTimeshareNow as the #1 option. Obviously, I did my homework. I looked at three or four other sites. SellMyTimeshareNow definitely had more people on their site, they had more activity on their site, and it was listed more professionally..."

Owner Testimonial - Gary J.
Gary J.

“I had to pay an upfront fee, but I had no issues., I just thought they were reputable. The fee wasn’t that much. I know to process a deed and to turn-over property - there’s a lot of work to that, so I feel that it was well worth the money. Once they had a buyer for my timeshare, they let you know everything... I could call them, and find out how things were going... Then, they sent me my check, and I’m done.”

Owner Testimonial – Gina and Thomas Eling
Gina & Thomas Ebling Carlsbad, CA
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"My husband and I contacted Sell My Timeshare Now to list our timeshare week in Maui. We found the representative extremely helpful and professional. A buyer was found within a few months, and the transaction was handled promptly and efficiently. When the buyer failed to complete the sale, Sell My Timeshare Now was ready to relist the property and find another buyer. During the entire process the staff was available to take our calls and address our concerns every step of the way. I would be happy to recommend Sell My Timeshare Now to anyone looking for a competent, reliable company to sell their timeshare and handle all documentation with a positive and friendly attitude!"

Owner Testimonial - Anthony L.
Anthony L. Reading, PA
#1144443 Ad Number

"We contracted with SellMyTimeshareNow in December of 2011. SellMyTimeshareNow was very honest with us regarding what we could realistically expect to receive in terms of selling price, and we successfully sold our unit in May of 2012. We are grateful to SMTN for their efforts on our behalf. We would certainly use their services again."

Owner Testimonial - Bill D.
Bill D. Ridgewood, NJ
#1448890 Ad Number

"When I decided to sell my timeshare, I had no idea how to go about doing this and, of course, who to trust. Trust was the biggest factor! I was afraid of getting ripped off as you hear about all these scams out there. I tried to sell it on my own on Ebay, but that certainly didn't work. Starwood recommended that I go to SellMyTimeshareNow. After my first call with them, I felt comfortable and at ease that this was the right place to go. The process could not have been easier. SellMyTimeshareNow did all the work and guided me through the whole process. They kept me informed the entire way. They were amazing and my timeshare sold in a reasonable amount of time. Trust was no longer a factor... I really couldn't be happier with this decision!"

Owner Testimonial - Pavan Thakran
Pavan Thakran
#355431 Ad Number

"Thank you for your help renting my unit. I received great customer service throughout the process, all the way till closing. I was able to rent my unit in less than 30 days. I strongly recommend this site for anyone trying to rent their unit. I am definitely planning to use them for my future rentals."

Owner Testimonial - Norm Rose
Norm Rose
#174450 Ad Number

"Within a few days of posting our timeshare on, we received a number of bids. Most importantly a Google search on a "timeshare for sale at Lake Tahoe" brought up the link to our ad on as the first response! Well worth the investment if you want to sell you timeshare quickly at a fair price."

Owner Testimonial - Jeff Macco
Jeff Macco
#455496 Ad Number

"My unit is sold and closed. The lead came from your site and the closing you recommended went flawlessly smooth. I received 20 or 30 inquiries on my unit."

Owner Testimonial - Ron Cerny
Ron Cerny
#133150 Ad Number

"My appreciation for the excellent service you provided. In addition, you should know that we listed our timeshare also with one of your competitors (they have a celebrity endorsement), at the exact same time, for the exact same price. Our activity was at least 10 times greater with your service than with theirs, and we successfully sold through yours, while we never even got a "nibble" with theirs. Thank you for your outstanding service."

Owner Testimonial - Ed & Judy Steiniger
Ed & Judy Steiniger
#48408 Ad Number

"I want to inform you that the listing has sold and closed. The price reduction worked, and we did get our reduced asking price. Want to thank you for your professionalism."

Owner Testimonial - Tom & Barb Coates
Tom & Barb Coates
#56552 Ad Number

"We searched out numerous timeshare resale companies and found to be the most promising. We are happy with our decision because even though the inventory was high for our particular resort, we recently just sold and closed on it."

Owner Testimonial - Amy Shumway
Amy Shumway
#241141 Ad Number

"Thank you very much for your help in selling our timeshare. We received our check today for the completion of the sale. Each one of you that we have worked with has been so kind, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thank you again for your honesty, excellent customer service, kindness, and assistance in selling our timeshare."

Owner Testimonial - Ken Fraza
Ken Fraza
#54077 Ad Number

"Thanks to your service my timeshare in Hawaii is SOLD! I can't thank you enough for the quality of your service! It was well worth the fee."

Owner Testimonial - Dave Osborne
Dave Osborne
#18324 Ad Number

"I'm all sold out of rental weeks. I am delighted at the response generated by ads at your site. I've received about four inquiries per week, and they were serious renters. Thank you for your great service, I'll be back!"

Owner Testimonial - Beth Ross, Ph.D.
Beth Ross, Ph.D.
#5491 Ad Number

"Thank you for all the help you and your company provided me in the selling of my three time-share units at The Manhattan Club. I couldn't have done it without you. The high degree of professionalism and attention to detail, exhibited by you and your colleagues, is just exemplary. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to sell their unit. In particular, your knowledge of the time-share marketplace is far above anyone else in the business. I am sure that you always pave the way for the fastest possible sale, at the best and most realistic price. I am always happy to recommend you."

Owner Testimonial - Neil Schroeder
Neil Schroeder
#35547 Ad Number

"I would like you to pass my sincerest thanks to everyone on your staff for the stellar job they did in helping me sell my timeshare. I admit at first I was a little skeptical just picking a company, but after talking to your knowledgeable staff I was put totally at ease! I was amazed by the effectiveness of your site. Not only did we get our final offer in just a couple weeks (after several others!) it was from a British citizen, demonstrating the worldwide reach of your site. If anyone I know is going to sell a timeshare, I am heartily recommending your service."

Owner Testimonial - Alex & Sofia Buder
Alex & Sofia Buder
#21764 Ad Number

"Our timeshare interest at the Harborside Resort has been sold through the help of your website. I would like to thank you for making this sale possible within a pretty short period of time. Despite having listed our timeshare with 4 other companies, ALL the responses we received for rental and for purchase inquiries were through your website!"

Owner Testimonial - Kevin & Shelly Messing
Kevin & Shelly Messing
#282621 Ad Number

"In less than two weeks we had our week rented AT OUR ASKING PRICE and had received 10 inquiries. We will definitely go to for all of our future needs! Thank you for your wonderful service!" Reviews from Timeshare Buyers

Buyer Testimonial – Cheri B.
Cheri B. Ventura, CA

"Bunny from SellMyTimeshareNow contacted me within an hour. She was fantastic. I felt like she was my friend, right away... It was like a one-stop shop. They did the escrow - they had the escrow company work with me as well. They sent everything, all the paperwork, through email, so I didn’t have to go anywhere... I was also able to pay with my credit card, so I was able to get points!"

Buyer Testimonial - Marie B.
Marie B. Jacksonville, FL

“My husband and I were taking a quick vacation and we had an opportunity to visit and go through a timeshare presentation. I came home and said, “Well, I really did like that timeshare”... I decided that maybe I would Google online, to see what I could find. That SellMyTimeshareNow website was very easy to use... Not only that, but even sort by price range, so then I could plug in exactly what I was willing to pay for that particular timeshare.”

Buyer Testimonial - Zachary Strom
Zachary Strom (Prospective Buyer)

"I would like to offer a commendation to your associate Keith *. I worked with him for the past few days on a listing. His knowledge of the timeshare industry and dedication to me as a client was exceptional. Although I ultimately decided not to pursue completion of the transaction, I will say that he did a wonderful job in helping me to negotiate a price to my satisfaction. He also made me feel comfortable as a client in understanding the benefits of owning timeshare and demonstrating how I could make the best use of one. I want to thank him for both his time and his dedication. I recommend him to anyone who is a first time buyer or even a seasoned buyer looking for his/her next purchase."

Buyer Testimonial - Will & Leslie Snell
Will & Leslie Snell (Buyers)

"We wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout the process of purchasing the 2 weeks timeshare at Marriott Grande Ocean, Hilton Head SC. We just recently closed on the transaction and today booked our first week stay for the end of March in our silver season ocean front villa. We would not be as excited today without your involvement in the process."

Buyer Testimonial - Alan Mihic
Alan Mihic (Buyer)

"I just completed the purchase of a timeshare in Barbados and was very satisfied with the experience. The price I paid was much better than what the resort was asking for and the people I dealt with were wonderful. They processed everything exactly as they described and were accommodating to my payment schedule requests. Very professional and courteous. I would certainly use this service again."

Buyer Testimonial - David Blake
David Blake (Buyer)

"We started working with agent Bunny *. She was very positive and a great person to work with. She worked with the seller and us, and we received a fair deal. The staff kept us up to date on where we were in the process. I would recommend and use the services again. We are now proud owners in Key West, Florida."

SellMyTimeshareNow Reviews from Travelers

Traveler Testimonial - Lumi & Dan Haiducu
Lumi & Dan Haiducu (Travelers)

"We had a GREAT time at Ka’anapali Beach Club, Maui. The two bedroom condo accommodated the six of us perfectly, and it had everything we needed. My husband and I have been to Maui before, but for the other 4 guests it was their first time on this beautiful island, so they not only had the opportunity to see this magnificent island, but also this beautiful resort and all that it offered. The concierge staff was very nice and helpful, and in just one week we were able to do a lot of activities and site-seeing. Thank you, Judy, for finding this beautiful resort for us. And thank you SMTN for making this all possible and so enjoyable. We will definitely use SMTN for other travel plans in the future and recommend them to our friends and family."

Traveler Testimonial - Ronda Van Bruggen
Ronda Van Bruggen (Traveler)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the direct attention you gave me in figuring out our reservation [at Carlsbad Seapointe Resort]. Your staff was nothing but pleasant, cooperative, understanding and helpful. You have a great staff working with you."

Traveler Testimonial - Dorothy Mitchell
Dorothy Mitchell (Traveler)

"I have recently had very positive responses from several timeshare owners. I will be able to successfully rent a timeshare thanks to your site. Thanks!"

Traveler Testimonial - Jada Stout
Jada Stout (Traveler)

"Thanks to SellMyTimeshareNow we had a great vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC. We enjoyed the beautiful beach and fun pools! There was so much to see! Great spot for a vacation! Thanks again for making our vacation dreams come true!"

Reviews of SellMyTimeshareNow’s Customer Care Team

Owner Testimonial – Daniel M. Jackson
Daniel M. Jackson (Former Timeshare Owner)
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"I would like to thank the entire staff at SellMyTimeshareNow for customer support that truly is second to none. I was treated with courtesy, respect, professionalism, and the right amount of personality to make the entire experience an absolute joy. I was almost sad that our timeshare sold so quickly because that meant I could no longer deal with the wonderful people at customer service. If you're reading this and thinking of selling or buying a timeshare, you've found the right place and the right people! Thanks again for a wonderful experience."

Owner Testimonial – Mark Sorensen
Mark Sorensen (Timeshare Owner)
#194278 Ad Number

"This was my first experience trying to rent my Maui timeshare as well as work with SellMyTimeshareNow. I have to say, the customer service was like I have never experienced before! They couldn't do enough for me! Everything was explained in great detail and they always made themselves available. My timeshare was rented within 1 1/2 months from the listing date and I would definitely use this service again. I highly recommend SellMyTimeshareNow. Thanks again for everything!"

Owner Testimonial – Robert Welch
Robert Welch (Former Timeshare Owner)
#154101 Ad Number

"I really appreciate the great customer service provided by Your company and website are not like the others that are scams. Feel confident in paying the initial listing fee, because you will sell your timeshare sooner or later. There are absolutely no hidden costs or fees that crop up when you close. I'm in the final stages of processing my sale now. Thanks again for your attention to detail and exceptional customer service!"

Owner Testimonial – John Freeman
John Freeman (Timeshare Owner)
#6053 Ad Number

"I am looking forward to continued success using your site. Your customer service people have been great as well when contacted with questions or issues. You were right; your site does get results."

Owner Testimonial – Bruce Zuest
Bruce Zuest (Former Timeshare Owner)
#136041 Ad Number

"You and your firm were great! I am very impressed and would recommend you to my friends if they needed to sell or rent a timeshare! I will keep you in mind for vacation rentals when I need one."

Owner Testimonial – David Richardson
David Richardson (Former Timeshare Owner)
#41010 Ad Number

"I am a very satisfied customer. Your company has definitely delivered on its promise. Your website attracts many people that are in the market for a timeshare. Everyone was extremely easy to work with and responded to our every need. I can unequivocally recommend your services."

Owner Testimonial – Nicole Gray
Nicole Gray (Former Timeshare Owner)
#41995 Ad Number

"I must say, you guys have outstanding customer service. I am very happy to have chosen your company. Thanks again for the help and quick turn around."

Owner Testimonial – Frank Omidi
Frank Omidi (Former Timeshare Owner)
#169568 Ad Number

"Thanks to SellMyTimeshareNow, we have sold our timeshare, and I must add that we are very pleased with your customer service and the overall transaction."

Owner Testimonial – Victor Holanda
Victor Holanda (Timeshare Owner)
#350797 Ad Number

"Latoya, thank you for the follow-up on our ad (didn't expect it). It's a pleasure to know that customer service still remains in some companies."

Owner Testimonial – Sandra O'Donnell
Sandra O'Donnell (Former Timeshare Owner)
#137361 Ad Number

"We will not forget your kindness and fairness. We will be certain to recommend your company to our friends."

Owner Testimonial – Richard Carter
Richard Carter (Timeshare Owner)
#118340 Ad Number

"Thank you for your extensive information, invaluable guidance, thorough assistance, and very professional courtesy."

Owner Testimonial - Maggie & Robin Adrian
Maggie & Robin Adrian (Former Timeshare Owners)
#305901 Ad Number

"We want to thank you and your team for the excellent job you did for us. We will definitely recommend your services to others."

Owner Testimonial - Laura Dubois
Laura Dubois (Former Timeshare Owners)
#6348 Ad Number

"We've sold our timeshare! You guys have the best customer service of any organization I've ever dealt with! Cheers!"