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SellMyTimeshareNOW is a proud member of the prestigious Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US for 2008 and 2009. Member of CRDA, The Canadian Resort Development Association. Timeshare Closing Services

Vacation Property Solutions

Services for Timeshare Owners, Resorts, Developers and HOAs

SellMyTimeshareNOW strives to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with resort groups, developers and HOAs in order to assist individual owners whose age, life or financial circumstances compels them to resell their timeshares or vacation ownership.

Through Vacation Property Solutions, we are able to offer resort-friendly services that have proven successful for developers, HOAs and owners alike. With our popular Owner Services Program, you can satisfy your owners' needs to sell timeshares, increasing overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Resale Solutions for Timeshare Owners

By partnering with SellMyTimeshareNOW through our Owner Services Program, you can provide your customer service department with a timeshare resale program to which they can confidently refer owners. We will provide your team with a dedicated phone line, so that they may transfer timeshare owners directly to our specialists in Vacation Property Solutions. We will also create a customized landing page on, outlining the resale options available to your owners. Your customer service department or owner services division may link to this page or refer your owners to it at its discretion.

The staff at Vacation Property Solutions represents the best of the best in terms of knowledge and experience. Our team consists of dedicated individuals who have worked in many different roles in the timeshare industry - not just in resale. Having specialists that bring knowledge and perspectives from various facets of the industry allows us to help buyers, sellers, renters, resort executives, timeshare developers, Home Owners Associations and management companies to solve their resale and rental challenges. And when you partner with SellMyTimeshareNOW and Vacation Property Solutions, our dedicated customer service team will be at your disposal - as well as at the disposal of your owners.

How a partnership with SellMyTimeshareNOW can benefit your owners:

  • Your owners will have two choices in how to resell their timeshares - affordable for-sale-by-owner advertising or full-service timeshare brokerage.
  • Based on your partnership with SellMyTimeshareNOW, owners may qualify for discounted advertising rates not available to the general public.
  • Referred timeshare owners will be assisted by our dedicated customer service team should any issues arise in the resale or rental of their vacation property.

How a partnership with SellMyTimeshareNOW can benefit your company:

  • Consolidate your resale inventory, stabilize values and protect the integrity of pricing.
  • Decrease owner timeshare delinquencies with the lender or resort.
  • Decrease the demand on your customer service team to make collection calls.
  • Eliminate direct competition from local timeshare brokers near resort locations and sales centers.
  • Enhance your customer support, while increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Our Philosophy at SellMyTimeshareNOW

There is a delicate relationship between the retail and resale markets for timeshares, but it is not one that needs to be mutually exclusive. SellMyTimeshareNOW recognizes that the success of the timeshare resale market depends on the success of the retail market - and vice versa - which is why we created Vacation Property Solutions.

We believe in taking a fresh approach to bridging the gap between the retail and resale markets for timeshares, and in creating opportunity for mutually beneficial partnerships where none has previously existed. As such, we are proud to also offer resale solutions for timeshare developers and HOAs, as well as a wide range of other timeshare resort services.

Vacation Property Solutions can...

  • Assist Home Owners Associations that need to sell weeks upon which they have foreclosed.
  • Assist with the sale of developer-owned trade-in inventory.
  • Assist with the rental of HOA and developer-owned weeks./li>
  • Offer full-service timeshare brokerage through a partnership with Timeshare Broker Services.
  • Offer timeshare title transfer referrals through our preferred relationship with Timeshare Closing Services.

If you, your owners, your company or your resort needs a viable timeshare resale solution, look no farther. We now offer more user-friendly, solutions-based services than ever before, and resort groups can enjoy access to our results-driven timeshare resale and rental platform, often at no up-front cost.

Don't wait. Contact Vacation Property Solutions today.

Don't see the program you need in our list of services? Contact us, and we will work with you to create a suite of services specifically suited to your (and your owners') needs.

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