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2018 Timeshare Maintenance Fees: Marriott Vacation Club

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timeshare maintenance fees

This time of year is always a time of decision for many vacation ownership enthusiasts, as timeshare maintenance fees are coming due. While some people enjoy the perks and privileges that timeshares allow, many other find themselves taking their fees into consideration and wondering whether or not it’s time to move on. After a 2017 that was rife with damaging storms and natural disasters in many popular vacation destinations, the prospect of rising dues became a legitimate concern to have.

Marriott Vacation Club is one of the biggest and most popular timeshare programs in the market. With thousands of owners at a vast catalogue of resorts, there are many out there looking to find more details about their impending maintenance fees and what they mean for continued ownership.

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2017 Maintenance Fees: Are They Increasing at Your Resort?

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2017 maintenance fees

Each year, maintenance fees are billed to timeshare owners around the world, usually in the month of January. With the new year approaching in just a few weeks, many bills for 2017 maintenance fees will be approaching as well. Seasoned timeshare owners will likely already know what this means—an increase in the yearly costs paid by owners to cover updates or renovations at their resort, as well as operations and taxes. However, some owners may find the results of their 2017 surprising due to hurricanes and other significant events. We’ve got all the information you need to know on timeshare annual dues for 2017 right here at SellMyTimeshareNow.com.

Major Brand Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Owners at resorts belonging to famous brands like Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, and others can generally expect an increase of several percentage points for their fees and dues next year. While specific fees typically differ by individual resort, timeshare owners at the brands below can expect the following:

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