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Big Timeshare News to Get You Excited for Your Future Vacations

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timeshare news

Vacation Destination and Timeshare News You Want to Know About

With more and more vacationers around the world turning to timeshares for their preferred travel accommodations, the top timeshare brands are making improvements to their existing resorts, building new, and focusing on upcoming attractions near their properties. Here’s just a small glimpse into the world of timeshare news and what to expect in the next few years out of your favorite resort destinations:

DVC News

In fall of 2019, the DVC’s newest addition, Disney’s Riviera Resort, will be opening at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It will feature 300 rooms with a variety of unit types, a rooftop restaurant overlooking Epcot and Hollywood Studios, a South of France theme, and other amazing on-site amenities. It’s location right next to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort provides a premier location for getting to all of their favorite attractions. It’s also been announced that Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York will be receiving a makeover with a Marvel theme with no definitive opening date as of yet.

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Timeshare Industry Continues to Grow Worldwide

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timeshare industry

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) recently released its 2016 Worldwide Shared Vacation Ownership Report for its research brand, the ARDA International Foundation. In it, the association declares the global timeshare industry to be continuing its rapid growth in key markets around the world. With both timeshare sales and occupancy rates on the rise, more and more vacationers appear to be interested in the vacation ownership model as new advances in the industry take hold.

The Expanding Timeshare Industry

ARDA’s report signifies continued growth in the area of sales. With several years of steady growth, the industry saw a jump of sales from $17.7 billion in 2014 to $19.7 billion in 2015, an increase of 11.5%. What’s more, occupancy rates of vacation ownership units also increased in kind. 76.4% of timeshare units were occupied in 2014, with 2015 seeing a short rise to 79.4%. Combined with 5,400 vacation ownership resorts spread among more than 120 countries, the increase in timeshare sales and occupancy rates are accompanied by an growth in diverse products and experiences.

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Report: Sales of Vacation Homes Drop for Second-Straight Year

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vacation homes

For the second-straight year, a significant drop in the sales of vacation homes has occurred among American travelers. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, rising prices and financial uncertainty contributed to the continued decline, marking a clear trend of restraint among frequent vacationers. The new numbers may also indicate a turn toward vacation alternatives, such as timeshare ownership.

Overall, vacation home sales in 2016 dropped by more than 21% from the previous year, a significant change from years past when vacation home sales were rising extraordinarily. The drop in 2016 was preceded by an 18.5% decrease in 2015, totaling a two-year plummet of 36%. While those seeking to flip vacation homes into investment opportunities continued to make real estate purchases, a volatile financial market caused many who plan to personally use vacation homes to pause.

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Emerging Timeshare Industries to Watch [Infographic]

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timeshare industries

The global timeshare industry has seen significant growth in recent years due to increased occupancy rates at ownership resorts and heightened incentive for vacationers to become club members. The news is good for a number of reasons—on one hand, current owners will benefit from a more competitive market by experiencing greater owner benefits and services. On another hand, newer, more efficient vacation ownership solutions will undoubtedly become available for prospective buyers.

Vacation ownership is alive and well in lucrative markets such as the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, and elsewhere. But several smaller timeshare industries are starting to gain steam and drive revenue, encouraging growth in areas that have never been strong markets for vacation ownership. Between already-established areas changing legislation and welcoming new developers, to nations new to the concept of timeshares altogether, the industry is taking off around the globe.

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Train Vacation Timeshares are Gaining Steam

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train vacation

A new trend is taking hold in the vacation ownership industry. Luxury train vacation timeshares are becoming increasingly popular, as travelers prefer more diverse vacation solutions. One-upping flexible and modern vacation club memberships that offer different lodging solutions, these new train timeshares are offering a product all of their own. With “trainshare” solutions coming by the end of the year, vacation ownership aficionados will have another option to consider for their yearly trips. So, what do you say—are you ready to trade in that villa or condo overlooking the ocean for your own train car?

All Aboard the Trainshare Express

Train vacation ownerships are the brainchild of America’s Trains Inc., an operator of luxury trains traveling across the U.S. Their popular all-inclusive journeys on passenger railroad cars will be offered in timeshare form by the end of 2017. Here’s how it works:

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