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2018 Upcoming Travel Trends Report

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As we look forward to the New Year, we’re interested to check out the latest travel trends to help plan vacations. As we’ve stressed before, making early reservations is key in having the most options for your getaway, so take a look at our comprehensive travel trends report to help guide your next trip!

Where Are People Going?

A hot topic of travel and tourism trends is where people are traveling to. What destinations are hot right now? Many of these destinations are places you may not think of right away, but are offering unique and fun travel experiences that vacationers rave about. Some of the travel trend reports are highlighting:

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Travel Trends Reveal Timeshares Embracing New Technology

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Your smartphone may soon be the key to your dream vacation.

Various reports and recent travel trends have shown that more and more major timeshare brands are experimenting with new technology to improve the overall experience of their guests. With Starwood implementing keyless entry for select hotel rooms, and other brands like Hilton and Marriott expanding the features of their rewards apps, the hospitality industry is finally blazing a new trail in the 21st century.

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