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There are many reasons why individuals and families decide to buy timeshare, but almost all owners would agree that changing the way they vacationed was at the top of their list. Vacation ownership enables you to eliminate many of the hassles and frustrations of vacation planning and to secure prepaid luxury accommodation every year (or every other year) for less than the cost of most hotels.

Of course, the money-saving benefits of timeshares are almost always also at the top of most owners' lists. Because timeshares are divided among multiple owners, the cost to each is drastically reduced. In fact, after buying a time share outright, the only thing you'll ever have to pay is a maintenance fee respective to your usage, and an occasional special assessment fee, to guarantee optimum levels of quality, service and amenities at your home resort.

Additionally, as a timeshare owner you're locking in current market rates. That means you'll never again be at the ever-fluctuating whim of the lodging market, and you can plan on one annual or biennial fee that you can confidently budget for each year.

Better still, you can save thousands of dollars off the initial purchase price, when you buy a timeshare resale. Resales are simply timeshares which are being sold by the current owner; they are exactly the same vacation property you'd receive by purchasing directly from the resort, but for a fraction of the cost. When you buy a time share on the resale market you won't have to deal with any aggressive timeshare salesmen, and, more importantly, you can save up to 65%!

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Or read on for more examples of how buying a timeshare can change the way you vacation!

Buy a Timeshare to...

  • Lodge in Luxury
    Timeshare resorts are known for their opulent accommodations and superb amenities. As a timeshare owner, you can expect larger, more luxuriously appointed lodgings than you'd find at any hotel, and you'll have your choice of studio, one, two, three or four bedroom suites depending on where you vacation.
  • Travel the World
    Would you like to sink your toes into the white-sand beaches of Fiji? Do you long to explore an ancient Scottish castle? When you buy a time share, you can do both! Timeshare ownership is extremely flexible thanks to exchange companies like Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II), that make it possible for owners to use their vacation property to explore hundreds of resorts and destinations around the world.
  • Vacation With Your Pets
    As the desire to include pets on family vacations increases, many resorts now offer pet friendly timeshare units. These vacation properties are not only happy to accommodate you and your pet, but many offer specific services catered to making your furry friend feel as comfortable, and pampered, as you do while on vacation.
  • Cultivate a Hobby
    Whether it's world-class golf or deep-sea diving, buying a time share can help you learn, or perfect, a favorite hobby. You can choose to travel the globe, golfing at thousands of courses from Indonesia to the Bahamas; or you can choose to return to a favorite locale where the stunning coral reefs, for example, draw you back year after year.
  • Accommodate Special Needs
    All timeshares in the United States must have at least one wheelchair-accessible timeshare unit. Increasingly, timeshares across the globe are beginning to adopt a similar policy. And with the added space that these vacation properties afford, vacationers in wheelchairs or with other disabilities don't have to sacrifice comfort for cost. Before buying a timeshare, be sure to check with the resort about wheelchair-accessible grounds.
  • Start a Tradition
    If you choose a resort that you'd like to return to year after year, your family can create lasting memories at your new home away from home. As you explore the area annually, you'll soon start to feel less like a tourist and more like a native resident of your favorite vacation destination.
  • Will Your Ownership to Future Generations
    When you buy a timeshare, in many cases you are buying a deeded property right. As such, you can will your ownership to your children or grandchildren. Imagine being able to bestow upon your loved ones the gift of rest, relaxation and the opportunity to explore the globe!

With all these reasons, the question isn't "why buy a timeshare?" It's "why not?" Find the perfect timeshare by browsing our vast inventory. Start securing a lifetime of flexible, affordable and luxurious vacations today!