Donate Timeshare to Charity has partnered with, the leading timeshare donation group, to help qualified owners donate their timeshares to charity. works with Give Back Charities, Inc., a 501c(3) charity, to help members of local communities.

About Give Back Charities, Inc

Did you know that almost one-third of working Americans do not make enough to cover their family’s basic needs? Give Back Charities provides financial support to community members through scholarships and donations. By assisting these hardworking individuals in their time of need, Give Back Charities hopes to create a "pay-it-forward" effect. They suggest that when members are able, they return the support by helping other community members.

How to Donate Timeshare to Charity

You can donate your timeshare online through a hassle-free process. Fill out the form to the right to inquire about donating a timeshare to Give Back Charities. Please provide as much information as possible including your contact information and resort name. The more information you can give us about your vacation property and ownership, the better we will be able to assist you.

Benefits of Timeshare Donation

There are many benefits available to individuals who donate timeshare online through our timeshare donation program:

  • No hidden costs or fees. When you donate a timeshare to charity through our partnership with there are no hidden fees or commissions, and once the transfer is complete you no longer have to pay maintenance fees.
  • The donation process is guaranteed. Unlike selling a timeshare, if your timeshare qualifies for donation, the transfer is guaranteed. While finding a buyer and closing a timeshare sale can sometimes be a lengthy process, we process donation requests as quickly as possible.
  • Tax benefits. Depending on where you live and where your resort is located, owners who donate timeshares can claim the fair market value of their timeshare. This timeshare donation tax deduction may require an appraisal to verify the fair market value of your property.

For owners who are no longer using their vacation properties, donating timeshares to a deserving cause like Give Back Charities is a great alterative to continuing to pay maintenance fees.

To learn more about timeshare donation visit

By donating the proceeds from your timeshare sale, you are assisting a worthy charity, Give Back Charities, Inc. On behalf of SellMyTimeshareNOW, LLC,, and Give Back Charities, Inc., we would like to thank you for considering timeshare donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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• How do I claim the tax deduction for my timeshare donation to charity?

Once the ownership has been transferred through, you will receive a receipt verifying your donation. Please note this receipt will not include the value of your timeshare property. The IRS states on Form 8283 that you may claim fair market value of the timeshare on the date you donated it. If you are claiming the fair market value of your donation at greater than $500 you will need to fill out Form 8283 to submit with your tax return; if you are claiming the fair market value of your timeshare donation at greater than $5,000, you will also need a written appraisal that meets IRS guidelines. We urge anyone who plans on claiming a tax deduction through donating timeshare to charity to thoroughly research all legal and tax-related ramifications. Consult your CPA, lawyer, or financial advisor for more information.

• What is the fair market value of my timeshare property?

The fair market value of a timeshare charity donation is NOT the same as what the developer or resort is charging for the same week or ownership. Similar to a used car, the market value of a timeshare ownership typically depreciates over time. The fair market value of your timeshare donation should be assessed by a professional if you wish to claim a tax deduction over $5,000.

• I still owe money on my timeshare, can I donate my timeshare to charity?

Unfortunately, you can only donate a timeshare once the mortgage is paid in full. If you still owe a large amount on your property, your best bet is to try to sell your timeshare to recoup as much money as possible, and then make a separate donation to Give Back Charities or an equally deserving charity. If you feel you are able to pay off your existing mortgage, please call at 855-781-1080 to learn your options.

• Why should I work with and

Many "timeshare relief" companies claim to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to donating a timeshare to charity. But if any relief or donation company claims you will receive compensation when you donate timeshare OR asks you to submit a payment through an untraceable source (money packs, wire transfers), step back and do your research. There are many timeshare donation scams out there, which is why working with the professionals at is often the wisest choice.


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