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Timeshare Vacations

Vacation Timeshares and You

A series of recent surveys and studies conducted by (ARDA's informative website with useful information for time share owners, prospective timeshare buyers and travelers in general) demonstrated that taking regular vacations can have a dramatic and positive impact on many aspects of one's life from relationships and marriage to education and overall health. While statistically vacation timeshare owners "get away" more frequently than many other groups - one survey demonstrated that 82% of owners continue to vacation regularly using their prepaid intervals - Sell My Timeshare NOW is concerned that individuals who do not own timeshares (as well as that other 18% who do!) are missing out on the benefits of annual vacation getaways.

Learn More About Vacation Deprivation

Accordingly, we've compiled snapshots of some of the most exciting, popular and unique time share vacations available on the travel market. Whether you're a current timeshare owner, a prospective buyer interested in vacation timeshares for sale or someone who just wants to go on an unforgettable getaway with one of our vacation timeshare rentals, we've got the resort for you! If you're intrigued by one of our timeshare vacation snapshots, click on the appropriate link or call us today at (877) 815-4227. We'll help you start planning your well-deserved, long-overdue vacation!

Time Share Vacation Snap-Shot: The Crane Resort in Barbados

Timeshare Vacations at The Crane Resort

There is a stretch of beach where the pink sand is smooth, unmarked and patiently waiting. Where the warm, tropical water will wash away your everyday cares. And where the music of the waves and trade winds can lull you into blissful repose. This is Crane Beach, Barbados - site of The Crane Resort and our first vacation time share snapshot.

Originally built in 1887, The Crane is the oldest resort hotel in the Caribbean. Today, The Crane is one of the most coveted timeshare vacation resorts in the world. Why? The Crane offers sheer vacation bliss. Every one, two, three or four bedroom timeshare residence has its own private full-sized swimming pool or plunge pool; each residence also has hand-crafted Barbadian mahogany furniture, oriental carpets, coral stone walls, floor-to-ceiling marble bathrooms, private Jacuzzis, a full kitchen with dishwasher and a private washer and dryer. Set on a scenic cliff overlooking Crane Beach - voted "one of the Ten Best Beaches in the World" by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - The Crane is the ideal choice for a luxurious, indulgent timeshare holiday.

Want to leave your footprints in the smooth, pink sand of Crane Beach? We have great selection of Crane Resort vacation timeshare resales and rentals - browse now!

Crane Resort Resales - Crane Resort Rentals recently became the only authorized reseller for The Crane Resort, so if you can't find what you are looking for on our website, be sure to call us - we have access to many additional weeks at this timeshare vacation resort! (Click here to read the press release.)

Timeshare Vacation Snap-Shot: A Castle in Fife, Scotland

Kilconquhar Castle Timeshare Vacations - Scotland

Remember when you were a child and you dreamt of having your very own castle - just like those of the princes and princesses in your favorite stories? At the Kilconquhar Castle Estate and Country Club in Scotland, you can turn your youthful fairy tale daydreams into your next time share vacation.

The Kilconquhar Castle was built in the thirteenth century and was once home to "the great Robert the Bruce, restorer of Scottish Liberty" (see the Kilconquhar Castle website for more on the castle's history). Today, the castle has been converted into a resort offering two and three bedroom vacation time shares - also known as Castle Suites! - with unique features including turrets, four poster beds and even a dungeon, combined with modern amenities like full kitchens, Jacuzzi tubs, and washers and dryers for your convenience. The 130-acre manicured castle grounds offer plenty of activities for your enjoyment including tennis, horseback riding, putting greens and a driving range.

Experience a vacation truly fit for a king or queen! Find a Kilconquhar Castle vacation timeshare resale or rental now!

Kilconquhar Castle Timeshare Resales - Kilconquhar Castle Timeshare Rentals

Vacation Time Share Snap-Shot: A Disney Treehouse in Orlando

Disney Timeshare Vacation - Saratoga Springs Resort

When you were a kid did you have a treehouse constructed from spare lumber and nails where you would hide away from the world? Where adults weren't permitted and imagination reigned supreme? In true Disney fashion, the new Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa bring your childhood sanctuary back to life - but this time adults are allowed.

Elevated approximately 10-feet off the ground and surrounded by lush foliage, these octagonally-shaped, three-bedroom luxury villas offer an impressive 1,074 square feet of space with the ability to sleep nine guests and one child under the age of three. If you want to reconnect with your family on your timeshare vacations, there's no better place than at a Disney Resort. Parents will enjoy the private master bedroom and bath, and the convenience of a washer and dryer; kids will revel in the uniqueness of their surroundings and the size of the flat-panel television in the living room. And, best of all, four of the Treehouse Villas are handicap accessible, so everyone can join in the fun! DisneyWorld and all the attractions of Orlando will be just just moments away from your very own Treehouse timeshare - where will your imagination take you and your family this vacation?

Looking for a timeshare vacation resort where you can recapture the magic of childhood? Find the treehouse of your dreams - browse our inventory of Disney vacation timeshares now!

Saratoga Springs Resort Resales - Saratoga Springs Resort Rentals

Vacation Timeshare Snap-Shot: Luxurious Yurts in Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Crossing Time Share Vacation

Chances are you're probably wondering what a yurt is. Well, technically a yurt is a tent, but it's a tent unlike any tent you've probably ever experienced. In fact, on a list of unique vacation time shares, the yurts at Shenandoah Crossing Resort in Gordonsville, Virginia, might be one of the most unbelievable units you'll ever experience. Set on top of an elevated wood platform that resembles a deck, each cylindrical tent provides full electricity as well as central heat and air conditioning. In addition, the yurt interiors are smartly furnished with flat-screen televisions, king beds with luxury linens, full kitchens, sleeper sofas, full bathrooms and gas fireplaces.

Shenandoah's luxury tents make camping accessible to even the least outdoor-oriented vacationers. Outdoor activities on the resort's 1,000 acres, however, are plentiful; from Sallie's Stables where you can enjoy horseback riding and carriage rides to Watership Harbour where you can enjoy swimming pools and hot tubs to Friendship Square where you can visit the General Store or attend a dance, you'll never be bored during time share vacations at Shenandoah Crossing - whether you are inside or outside your yurt.

If you want to go camping in style, there's no better option than a luxury yurt. Find yours now by browsing our inventory of Shenandoah Crossing vacation timeshare rentals and vacation timeshares for sale.

Shenandoah Crossing Timeshare Resales - Shenandoah Crossing Timeshare Rentals

Time Share Vacation Snap-Shot: Take to the High Seas

Yacht and Houseboat Timeshare Vacations

Given the selection of timeshare vacation resorts we've discussed so far on this page, it probably won't come as a surprise that you can enjoy time shares on land and on sea. If you ever imagined what it would be like to own your own houseboat, sailboat or yacht, you can experience it with a vacation timeshare resale or rental! Specialty timeshare divisions like CanalTime, Sail Away Yachting and Festive Sailing Vacations have made it possible for timeshare owners to experience the luxuries of such million-dollar watercraft without any of the hassles or responsibilities.

Many of these timeshare watercraft come fully-equipped with everything you'll need for your journey - including a captain! Standard features include central heating and hot water, a bathroom with shower and flush toilets, fully-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, and living space with a television. Boats can sleep anywhere from two to eight guests, making them ideal for romantic cruises and family adventures alike!

Interested in the chance to take to the seas with a vacation time share? We've got a great selection of watercraft to choose from, so check out our inventory of vacation timeshare resales and rentals now!

Yacht, Houseboat and Sailboat Timeshare Resales - Yacht, Houseboat and Sailboat Timeshare Rentals

Vacation Timeshare Rentals and Vacation Timeshares for Sale

There are innumerable other timeshare vacation opportunities available to you as a timeshare owner or renter - with more than 5,000 resorts in more than 100 countries around the world (both on land and sea!), there's just no excuse not to go on vacation!

Vacation time shares for the vacation deprived! You need and deserve a vacation! Find it NOW!

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