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5 Sustainable Travel Habits You Should Have
November 1st 2018

5 Ways to Work Towards Sustainable Travel Ecotourism is one of the most popular topics in the travel industry. In April 2018, released its Sustainable Travel Report that discussed some of the challenges and various ways Americans attempt to travel more sustainably. Of those surveyed for this report, 78% of vacationers want to travel […]

Top 5 Best Resorts in Cabo San Lucas
October 30th 2018

Our Experts’ List of Best Resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Cabo San Lucas is one of the top travel destinaions in Mexico and the world for anyone who wants to break away from their everyday life and enjoy some time in the sun. The area is filled with amazing resorts and other accommodations, which […]

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Why You Should Buy Timeshares in Europe
October 25th 2018

Why Timeshares in Europe? There are timeshares everywhere in the world, in virtually every destination you could ever dream of vacationing at. So what makes timeshares in Europe special? The truth is, a Europe timeshare offers the same perks and ownership benefits as other timeshare properties across the globe. But Europe, as a country, offers […]

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Bluegreen Resorts: Daytona Beach Vs. Panama City Beach
October 23rd 2018

Florida Bluegreen Resorts The Bluegreen timeshare brand features an impressive portfolio of timeshare locations across the United States and the Caribbean. However, a number of the Florida Bluegreen resorts stand out among the rest. Florida is an extremely popular vacation destination, especially this time of year when it starts to get colder and we long […]

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