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Top 3 Timeshare Resorts with Golf Courses
August 1st 2019

Timeshare Resorts with Golf Courses to Celebrate Golf Month August is National Golf Month, making it a great time to get out and play a couple of rounds before the summer ends. Staying at resorts with golf courses makes it easy to combine a family vacation with plenty of opportunities to get out on the […]

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How to Save on Your Cruise Vacations
July 30th 2019

How to Find Affordable Cruise Vacations Cruises are an exceptional way to vacation. Ride around on a luxurious ship with restaurants, activities, swimming pools, and much more—all while getting to explore a number of fantastic destinations in one single trip. Cruise vacations are really amazing, but they can be expensive. Luckily for you, we found […]

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Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It?: The Perks of Being a DVC Resale Member
July 25th 2019’s Disney Vacation Club Guide For Interested Buyers Families, couples, and Disney-lovers alike contemplate if they can make their annual Disney vacations better with a Disney Vacation Club timeshare and are wondering, “Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It?” To put it simply, Yes! A Disney Vacation Club ownership is worth it for avid Disney vacationers […]

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Generation Alpha and Their Travel Influence
July 23rd 2019

Who is Generation Alpha? You’re probably familiar with the Millennial generation, as well as Generation Z, but do you know what the next generation is known as? Those born after the year 2010 are referred to as Generation Alpha, the children of Millennials. They were born into a world of technology and social networks, as […]

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