2018 Upcoming Travel Trends Report
December 19th 2017 Posted by: Kayla Winsor Category: Travel

As we look forward to the New Year, we’re interested to check out the latest travel trends to help plan vacations. As we’ve stressed before, making early reservations is key in having the most options for your getaway, so take a look at our comprehensive travel trends report to help guide your next trip!

Where Are People Going?

A hot topic of travel and tourism trends is where people are traveling to. What destinations are hot right now? Many of these destinations are places you may not think of right away, but are offering unique and fun travel experiences that vacationers rave about. Some of the travel trend reports are highlighting:

  • Chile – Renowned for its deserts, fjords, and vibrant cities
  • Japan – Now more accessible than ever, and offers exquisitie adventures for Millennials
  • New Orleans – A hot city for fashion. Cocktails, and famed cajun and creole restaurants
  • Portugal – Specifically Porto, features incredible dining, shopping, and a fusion of old and new construction

Some other 2018 travel destinations include Singapore, Mexico City, Bulgaria, and Hamburg.

What Kind of Vacations are People Taking?

  1. As you’ve probably heard, wellness vacations are very “in,” and won’t be going away in 2018! People of all ages are looking for resorts that offer spa treatments, yoga classes, fitness facilities, and anything to help their physical and mental health.

  2. People are also getting inspired to take volunteer vacations, referred to as voluntourism. Treat yourself to a trip and give back to the area by volunteering while you’re there! You’ll feel good and do good all in one unique vacation experience.

  3. Sustainable tourism is becoming more and more important. With dozens of eco-friendly resorts, you can feel good about taking a trip that will help the environment. Similarly, people are saving money by planning vacations centered around national parks.

  4. Multi-generational vacations have become incredibly popular. It allows for more quality family time, while also giving parents a bit of a break without leaving the kids at home. It’s also a great way for grandparents to be more involved and make lifelong memories.

  5. Also of note, AirBNB accommodations are increasingly used by travelers or who want the space and comforts of home. However, with timeshare rentals, you get a luxury suite with homey features plus all the added amenities and services of a high-end resorts. Timeshare rentals are priced incredibly low, making them even more affordable alternatives for your vacations.

Travel Trends Report Statistics

In an AARP survey report, Stephanie Miles, the AARP Senior Vice President quoted:

“2018 travel plans are all about connecting with family while getting away from our daily stressors. A vacation is often one of the best ways to renew and recharge ourselves and it provides an opportunity for us to connect with others and build stronger relationships.”

The survey also took a look at how Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials were expected to travel, with statistics including:

  • Boomers anticipate taking four or five vacations spending $6,400 of leisure travel
  • Millennials are estimated to pay $6,800 on vacations
  • Gen Xers will spend less with the average amount being $5,400
  • 68% of Boomers will use most of all of their vacation time (up from 59% last year)
  • 74% of Millennials will bring work on vacation with 65% of Gen Xers doing the same, and only 56% of Boomers working outside of the office



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