2021 Industry Recap: The Top Timeshare Companies and Their Acquisitions
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2021’s Most Influential Timeshare Acquisitions

The world slowed down in 2020, but the travel and vacation ownership industries took off running in 2021 with big changes. In fact, 2021 was an impressive year across the board for top timeshare companies because of the many strategic shifts they made to improve their offerings, expand their portfolios, and provide their owners with even better vacations through acquisitions.

With so many acquisitions this year, it’s hard to keep track of all the details. Here are the top four acquisitions and what changes we’ve seen so far:

January 2021: Wyndham Destinations Acquired Travel + Leisure, Co.

Just as the New Year began, Wyndham Destinations announced the purchase of Travel + Leisure, Co. with the hopes of accelerating their strategic plan to keep their title as the world’s largest vacation club and exchange company.

Since the acquisition, Wyndham has been able to combine Travel + Leisure’s authority as a travel lifestyle brand and its existing travel clubs (with over 60,000 members) with its already impressive portfolio of vacation ownerships and resorts to create new offerings for its owners, bring in thousands of new members, and provide exceptional services and vacations for everyone who utilizes them.

April 2021: Marriott Vacations Acquired Welk Resorts

After 57 years of family ownership and as one of the largest independently owned timeshare companies in North America, Welk Resorts joined the Marriott family of brands. With Marriott’s acquisition focused on cultural compatibility, benefits for shareholders, and expanding the company’s footprint, partnering with Welk Resorts was a no-brainer.

Welk brings eight high-end properties, most located on the West Coast, and over 55,000 owners to the table and helped expand Marriott’s Hyatt Residence Club property offerings by 50%.

August 2021: Hilton Grand Vacations Acquired Diamond Resorts

Hilton Grand Vacations joined in on the acquisition excitement with the purchase of Diamond Resorts International, another beloved ownership brand with destinations around the globe.

Diamond Resorts added 380,000 new owners to Hilton Grand Vacations, upping its members to over 700,000, increasing its resort offerings to 154 properties, and expanding the brand’s reach to over 20 new markets.

November 2021: Hyatt Acquires Apple Leisure Group

Hyatt, Marriott International brand, has improved the brand even further in 2021 with the acquisition of Apple Leisure Group, which includes travel platforms, travel services, and the AMRTM Collection brand portfolio.

The AMR CollectionTM consists of 100 resorts and hotels across 10 countries and 24 executive deals in the Americas and Europe for future expansion, making Hyatt the brand with the world’s largest collection of all-inclusive resorts. Additionally, Hyatt added 11 new European properties to its portfolio, strengthening its regional footprint by 60%.

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