5 Best Travel Updates of 2018
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2018 Best Travel Updates

The new year means it’s time to look back and reflect on what 2018 gave us. As with any year, there were many travel updates and improvements made. Certain things were “trending,” and people were traveling and vacationing in all different ways.

Here are some of the most notable travel updates of 2018!

Airplanes Got an Upgrade

Flying via airplane has really transformed over the years, with 2018 showing advancements in high-end and comfortable traveling opportunities. American Airlines Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc., and United Airlines all created premium economy cabins for international travelers. JetBlue Airways Corp. also announced the expansion of their Mint Business Class, a very comfortable and relatively affordable way to fly. European air carriers added more first-class seats, reversing the motion to additionally get rid of those more premium flying areas.

If you didn’t get to experience the luxury of a first class seat, you may have noticed that regular flying got an upgrade with noticeably better in-flight Internet access.

And speaking of air travel, longer flights were a big trend during 2018. Qantas Airways Ltd. featured a flight from Perth to London, clocking in at 17 hours. The record breaking flight, however, was Singapore Airlines Ltd. with an 18 hour and 25 minute route across 10,400 miles from Changi to Newark. This flight broke the previous record for longest flight.

We can look forward to more longer flights becoming available. Qantas’s goal is to have a 20 hour flight from New York and London to Sydney by the year 2022. Their hopes are to have these planes better equipped for the length of travel with amenities like bunk beds, child care, and gyms.

Glamping Rose in Popularity

While staying in a hotel or resort is a great way to enjoy a vacation, glamping was all the rage in 2018. While we’ve covered a number of unique RV timeshare resort experiences, there were many high-end camping properties that popped up in placed like the African savannah, Bali, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, and more.

And in case you’re unaware, “glamping” is a term for glamorous camping. So you definitely won’t be roughing it. Glamping sites feature tents with private pools, showers, canopy beds, and butler services.

Caribbean Tourism Thrived

After getting hit with two Category 5 hurricanes, Caribbean tourism was able to bounce back and see a major uptick in 2018. Hotels and resorts were able to reopen after refurbishments and updates, air routes have improved their access to quieter areas of the region, and travel companies from all over are engaging in philanthropic efforts.

65 percent of Embark’s Northeast client base is traveling to the Caribbean this winter season, up for the yearly average of 53 percent.

Airports Became a More Enjoyable Place

In addition to the overall flying process improving, airports have become more streamlined than ever before. Instanbul’s Ataturk International Airport is set to be the busiest passenger hub in the world and opened their first phase. Singapore’s Changi updated their automation technology and New York’s LaGuardia unveiler a portion of its $8 billion dollar remodel.

Back to the streamlined aspect of airport, they are finding more and more ways to make the navigation process easier and more enjoyable for travelers. This is done through VIP treatments, abilities to skip the customs line, exclusive lounges, and direct drop off at the plane’s door.

Lots of Family Travel

For many years now, multigenerational travel has been prominent in the travel and vacation industry. Multigenerational travel is trips that include kids, parents, and grandparents. 2018 brought a new spin on the concept of multigenerational travel with “skip-gen” trips. This means grandparents were leaving the parents behind and bringing their grandkids to exciting destinations in Europe and the US. These trips have driven the older generation to figure out what the younger travelers want, and have made hotels update their family-friendly amenities and services.

Looking Forward to 2019

Keep following our blog for industry news and new travel updates to come in 2019! We look forward to seeing how the industry changes and grows in the coming months.


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