5 Best Vacation Clubs to Join in 2023
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5 Best Vacation Clubs to Join in 2023

Being a part of a vacation club is the ideal way to ensure an annual vacation to your favorite resorts and destinations around the world. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on cramped, traditional hotel rooms, you can stay at amazing resorts with spacious accommodations and unparalleled on-site amenities. But, how do you find the best vacation clubs? Fortunately, we have you covered.

Check out these best vacation club options for your future travels in 2023 and beyond:

1. Club Wyndham

With access to over 100 properties and additional affiliated resorts, Club Wyndham is the largest vacation club brand available and provides travelers with the chance to explore nearly every corner of the world. Between its resort options and point-based programs, Wyndham is one of the best ways for adventurous travelers to explore some of the top vacation destinations available.

Club Wyndham is a part of the Wyndham Destinations brand, which is now owned by Travel + Leisure Co. and includes other famous vacation club brands like WorldMark by Wyndham, Margaritaville Vacation Club, and Shell Vacation Club.

Top Wyndham Membership Benefits:

  • World’s largest vacation ownership brand—endless travel options
  • Flexible point-based membership which includes banking and borrowing
  • Ability to exchange on RCI
  • Ownership opportunities at many pricepoints

2. Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club has 15 resorts, the majority of which are located within the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, but also properties in additional destinations like Hawaii, Hilton Head Island, and Vero Beach, Florida. As one of the most highly sought-after vacation clubs out there, the DVC provides owners with unique vacation stays at amazing properties.

DVC offers a point-based ownership system where depending on the demand of an owner’s Home Resort, unit size, week(s), and other factors, determine the points value they will be allotted annually to book their vacations. Though resale restrictions have made it more difficult to utilize DVC’s internal exchange options as completely as owners who purchased through the developer, DVC weeks are coveted and hold a high trading power on external platforms like Interval International.

Top DVC Membership Benefits:

  • Many properties ideally located within iconic theme parks
  • Flexible point-based membership which includes banking and borrowing
  • Members-only park perks and special events
  • High trading power on Interval International

3. Hilton Grand Vacations Club

The Hilton brand has always been known for luxury and the Hilton Grand Vacations Club is no exception. Not only do owners gain access to the brand’s many prestigious resorts around the world, but they also gain a variety of other benefits that make planning vacations even easier like HHonors Points, guest reservations, and more.

Like with other point-based clubs, HGVC allows owners the flexibility of a point-based membership program. Owners receive their annual allocation of points based on a variety of factors including the Home Resort, the property location, the unit size, and the week(s) associated with ownership. In addition to the internal exchange options, HGVC members also have the opportunity to purchase an RCI membership for external exchanges.

Top HGVC Membership Benefits:

  • Vast resort options in top destinations around the world
  • An impressive loyalty program that offers discounts and members-only deals
  • Flexible point-based membership which includes banking and borrowing
  • Ability to exchange on RCI

4. Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club continues to dominate the world as one of the most well-known and largest vacation ownership brands available. With over 420,000 members and properties in destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Hawaii, it’s truly no surprise why so many people choose this brand for their future vacations.

One of the best parts about Marriott ownership? The variety—and we’re not just talking about the destinations! Interested buyers will find MVC’s point-based ownership available as well as timeshare weeks that are only available on the secondary market. So, whether you love being flexible with your vacations or want to know exactly when and where you’ll be vacationing next year, Marriott has you covered.

Top MVC Membership Benefits:

  • Properties across preferred vacation destinations
  • An impressive loyalty program that offers discounts and members-only deals
  • Flexible point-based memberships AND timeshare weeks available on the resale market
  • Ability to exchange with Interval International

5. Westgate Resorts

With 28 resorts in the United States, Westgate Resorts continues to be the largest privately-held vacation ownership company in the world. Westgate is known widely for its expansive on-site amenities at a majority of its resort offerings including multiple swimming pools, multiple dining options, expansive suites and villas with at-home conveniences, and unique activities. Not to mention, these resorts are centrally located in prime vacation destinations.

Though Westgate has more rigid resale exchange restrictions, all owners have the ability to join Interval International, one of the world’s largest external timeshare exchange companies for a reasonable yearly membership. This means you can enjoy the savings of buying resale while still having access to an exchange portfolio of over 2,900 resort properties in destinations like Thailand, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and more.

Top Westgate Membership Benefits:

  • Beloved resorts with a variety of unmatched on-site amenities
  • Properties centrally located in top destinations
  • Ability to exchange with Interval International

Explore Top Rated Vacation Clubs for Less

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