5 Health and Wellness Travel Tips
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No one would argue that health and wellness are crucial to a long and happy life. Even those that have built up good habits of eating right and exercising can slip up from time to time—and being on a vacation makes this even easier to do.

We want to help you stay on track with some advice for a healthy travel experience. We hope these wellness travel trips will inspire you to take good care of yourself while embarking on fun adventures and making memories.

Water, Sunscreen, Bug Spray

Okay, this is really three tips in one. But these are three things you should never leave home without—especially when traveling!

Most of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. Being out and about makes it that much more difficult to remember to hydrate. Spend the extra money on bottled water if you don’t trust the local tap water, or buy a water bottle with a filter in it to ensure you are getting safe and quality water. Being hydrated will ensure you don’t get fatigued, help your circulation, and maintain a healthy body temperature.

Sunscreen should be worn every day, sunny or cloudy, hot or cold! Don’t do this currently? You’re not alone. The sun’s rays can still damage your skin through the clouds, so it is important to wear it on your face at minimum each day. If you are vacationing in a warm area, all the more reason to lather up! Sand and water reflect the sun’s rays onto you, making it even more important to reapply throughout the day. Not to mention a sunburn puts a total damper on your comfort and the general enjoyment of your vacation.

While the Zika virus shouldn’t keep you from traveling this summer, you certainly should be taking extra precautions. Zika isn’t your only concern, mosquitoes carry a variety of other infectious diseases that can take a huge toll on your health and wellbeing. Be sure to pick the right mosquito repellent. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a bug repellent product with active ingredient DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, or IR 3535.

Unplug and Be Present

It’s tempting to want to document every second of your vacation while actively posting said documentation on every social media platform. Take it from us and don’t do that. While you want to take pictures and have memories, take the opportunity to unplug when you can.

Unplugging isn’t just about turning your phone off, it’s being present in the moment, taking a minute to breathe, and enjoying where you are and who you’re with. If you aren’t forced to work while on vacation, delete your email app and reduce the stress and temptation to respond to work concerns. Turn your WiFi off so you can still take pictures without the distractions of texts and notifications. Post your vacation photos when you get home, they’ll still be there. Enjoy where you are and avoid the stresses of “real life” by pretending they don’t even exist!

Skip the Buffet

We all love to indulge on vacation, but there is a fine line you shouldn’t cross to ensure you feel good and stay healthy while you’re away.

The all-you-can-eat buffets are fantastic and cost-effective, but think about how you’ll feel after gorging yourself on the endless options—none of which ever seem to be very healthy. Control your portions by centering your meals around fruits and vegetables and adding carbohydrates to that. This ensures you will fill up on the nutrients your body needs first and won’t overeat the less healthy portion of your meal. Not only is this a much healthier way to consume food, but you’ll feel much better and be able to participate in more fun vacation activities.

Walk or Bike—Don’t Ride

While most will recommend you keep up with your workout routine, this isn’t always realistic. But there are ways you can keep moving while vacationing.

When given the option to drive or walk to a restaurant, shop, or attraction, choose walking. This will get your blood flowing, keep your energy levels up, help you digest if you didn’t take our advice on skipping the buffet, and get the heart pumping! Lounging on the beach all day? Get up and take a walk! Walking is a great way to see the sights in a new place and really take everything in. Lots of resorts also offer bike rentals for a quicker way to get where you want to go while still moving your legs.

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Vacation is the perfect time to treat yourself. It is also likely you are looking to relieve some of the stresses of everyday life while you’re away. A spa treatment is a great way to relax and indulge!

Many resorts feature spas right on-site. If not, you’re sure to find a local spa that can give you the treatment you desire. Massages are incredible ways to relax, especially after a long flight or enduring the stress of travel planning. We’d advise to get one at the beginning of your vacation so you feel great the whole time you are there, and then maybe treat yourself to one at the end to take some of that rejuvenation and good energy home with you.

You know what is also good for your health and wellness? Saving money! Vacation affordably and take the stress off your wallet and mind with large accommodations all around the globe. We can help you find that perfect timeshare resale or rental today that will fit all your needs and keep you healthy and happy while you enjoy a great vacation.


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