5 Lesser-Known Timeshare Exchange Companies You Have to Check Out
July 18th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

Typically when having a discussion about timeshare exchange, the conversation revolves around RCI and Interval International. Offering thousands of resorts in dozens of countries all over the world, the two exchange companies are goliaths in their industry.

While both RCI and II offer an expansive catalog of options, there are a number of independent exchange companies that have established their own niche within the industry. Explore these ‘alternative’ exchange options and you just might find one that’s more suitable for your ownership preferences.

1. DAE (Dial an Exchange International)

Dial an Exchange or DAE is the largest independently owned exchange company in the world. DAE offers resorts all over the world across Europe, Asia, and Africa. However unlike RCI and II, DAE is free to join and does not require any annual fees for use. Through DAE, you won’t have to pay anything until you find a property that suits your interest and you’re in the process of exchanging.

2. Platinum Interchange

Offering over 1,300 vacations at resorts worldwide, Platinum Interchange is the third largest independent timeshare exchange company. The company boasts low cost fees with no annual dues or membership fees. Platinum Interchange offers exchange services for vacation ownership as well as suite rentals for nights and weekends. Special offers are also available, including the “2 for 1 Bonus Week Bonanza Special”. Weeks that are banked at least 120 days prior to arrival date can use their Bonus week 90 days or less from the arrival date of your initial exchange week.

3. Resort Travel & Xchange (RTX)

As the official exchange company of Festiva Resorts, Resort Travel & Xchange, or RTX offers a unique exchange experience like no other. The company is a membership-based timeshare and vacation ownership exchange program which offers owners the opportunity to swap with thousands of resorts all over the world. RTX, however is more than just a timeshare exchange service. The company also offers numerous travel benefits to its members such as travel discounts, rebates, servation protection, and much more.

4. Worldwide Timeshare Exchange

Based in the United Kingdom, the Worldwide Timeshare Exchange offers a completely freeform style of exchange. A week is a week, no matter what. You can exchange any unit no matter the size of the unit, what time of year, or what resort you’re exchanging. You have the freedom to deposit any kind of accommodations into the exchange from for any other available week on the Worldwide Timeshare Exchange system. There is an annual membership fee and an exchange fee, but members can also access vastly discounted Bonus Weeks as well as a Rental Service which allows customers to receive a return on any unused timeshare ownership.

5. Trading Places International

Now owned by Interval Leisure Group, Trading Places International had been exchanging vacation ownership resorts since 1975 when it helped coordinate travel for developer “fly/buy” programs in Hawaii. The company has since offered exchange and leisure services to more than 300,000 vacation owners at over 20 resorts around the world. Despite its ILG affiliation, Trading Places International operates as an independent company and is one of the largest of the alternative exchange companies. TPI offers two memberships; the ‘classic’ which is free and the ‘prime’ membership which offers all of the same benefits as the former, but also includes discounted unit upgrades, discounted season upgrades, 2-for-1 deposits, and more.

Which timeshare exchange company would you recommend? Leave us a comment on your favorites on our social media pages.


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