5 Reasons to Visit Aruba in the Winter
January 25th 2023 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

5 Reasons to Visit Aruba in the Winter

Aruba is known as “one happy island,” and for a good reason! This peaceful island is home to year-round sunshine, friendly locals, and blissful beaches. Aruba is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. If the cold winter months are getting you down, we highly recommend winter in Aruba for a refresh and recharge!

There are many reasons to take a vacation in Aruba, especially this time of year. But here are the top 5 reasons people love to visit Aruba in the winter:

Picture-Perfect Weather

When traveling to particular destinations, you usually have to take a gamble on the weather. It’s rare to be able to guarantee warmth and sunshine, but Aruba will provide you with just that! December through April provide consistent temperatures in the mid-80s during the day and mid-70s at night. Aruba offers dry, comfortable heat and cloud-free skies so you can soak up those glorious rays. Even the water temperatures live in the 80s, allowing you to float and swim all day long.

Pristine Beaches

Winter in Aruba means plenty of beach time! The beaches on this island are famous for their beautiful white sand and crystal blue waters. The most popular and well-known are Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, both continually making the “Best Beaches in the World” list. These beaches are calm, spacious, and tranquil. Most are lined with thatch umbrellas if you are seeking out a shady spot or a nice place to read a book.

A Wealth of Water Sports

With the constant sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful beaches, Aruba is the perfect destination to engage in any and every water sport. The beaches in Aruba feature a number of vendors who can provide you with water excursion tickets and rental equipment. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding right around the shoreline. Further out, you can book specialized snorkeling or scuba diving excursions, jet skiing outings, sunset cruises, and paragliding ventures.

Tropical Adventures

If you’re willing to take a break from the gorgeous waters, there are many land ventures you can partake in. More than 20 percent of the island of Aruba is comprised of protected parkland called Arikok National Park. Explore the diverse landscape including the scenic coastline, native flora and fauna, and desert-like hills. Be sure to bring sunscreen and your walking shoes to tour the grounds on your own or take a guided excursion. Some of the top sights include:

  • Arikok Hilltop, where you can see Aruba from a totally different angle
  • Natural Pool, protected by the sea with rocks. You can get to the pool in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Jamanota hill, the highest point on the island so you can enjoy panoramic views
  • Fontein and Quadirikiri caves
  • Dos Playa, a recreational beach perfect for swimming and enjoying a picnic lunch

Amazing Resort Accommodations

Aruba is home to many stunning resorts that boast wonderful amenities to enhance your vacation experience. Enjoy access to swimming pools, fitness centers, spa services, on-site restaurants, sports courts, and live entertainment. Not to mention, you’ll stay in luxury accommodations overlooking the beach! Aruba timeshare resorts boast multi-bedroom suites, many with amenities like full kitchens, living and dining areas, full bathrooms, private balconies, and laundry machines. Have your best winter in Aruba staying at any of these top resorts:

Save on an Aruba Winter Vacation with Timeshare Rentals

The only thing better than escaping to Aruba during the cold winter months is getting an incredible deal on luxury accommodations! Shop our inventory of Aruba timeshares for rent and find heavily discounted stays at top-rated Aruba resorts. Save big and soak up the sun with an Aruba winter vacation!


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