5 Tips for City Travel to Make the Most of Your Urban Vacation
January 28th 2020 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

5 Ways to Make Big City Travel Even Better

Not all vacations are on the beach or in the mountains. Some travelers love to spend time in beautiful cities around the world! City travel continues to grow in popularity because of its proximity to dining and shopping options, museums, galleries, live entertainment, monuments, and so much more. Cities are great for travel during nearly any season and will open your mind to new vacationing possibilities. Here are some tips for city travel next time you find yourself visiting one:

Utilize Public Transportation

There are so many benefits of using public transportation. For one, it’s one of the most affordable transit options out there. Ridesharing apps can become pricey, especially during high-demand hours and car rentals are not only expensive but are also a headache if you need to find and pay for parking in a busy area. Second, choosing to take the subway, taxis, or buses give you the chance to live like a local and potentially see places you might not visit otherwise. Between the money you save and the new places you’ll experience, it’s a no-brainer.

Concentrate Your Sightseeing to Specific Areas

Getting around an unfamiliar city can take some time, especially with traffic. In order to save you as much time as possible while also getting to see all of the places you penciled in during your trip, break up your sightseeing days into different concentrated areas. You’ll spend less time physically traveling and more time enjoying what you set out to do. This is also a great way to avoid over-filling your days too heavily and ensure you take some much-needed downtime.

Bring an External Phone Battery With You

Between pictures, utilizing Maps to get around town, looking up restaurants and other activities, and everything in between, your phone battery might not stand up to all the additional use. We suggest investing in an external phone battery for the times when your phone is dangerously low. Depending on the size of the battery you purchase, you could be able to charge your phone once, twice, or even three times over. Trust us, you’ll be happy to have it when your phone is about to die while you’re in the middle of an unknown city.

Leave Time for Unscheduled Exploring

It’s great to know some of the major attractions and activities you want to hit while on your urban vacation, but always be sure to leave time for spontaneous exploring! Some of the best restaurants, art galleries, bars, cafes, and museums are found where and when you least expect it. Check a few of your must-see spots off your list and then allow yourself to wander a bit. You’ll be surprised about what you’ll find when you give yourself the space to explore.

Find Accommodations Where You Want to Spend Your Time

If you want to truly experience what it’s like to stay in a city, you have to stay in the city! Top destinations like New York City, Austin, and New Orleans have resorts that keep you in the center of all of the action! All of your favorite activities will be just steps from your door and you will remain close to unmatched resort accommodations and amenities, making it easier than ever to make these cities feel like your home away from home.


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