7-Day Itinerary: Cancun Is a Can Do For An Affordable Vacation
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7-Day Itinerary: Cancun Is A Can Do For An Affordable Vacation

Cancun is sometimes thought of as an ideal place for college students to cut loose and spend their spring break on the city’s famous beaches. But there is a way for more mature travelers to do Cancun the right way and do it with the budget of a Ramen-eating student. There’s history to be learned, oceans to be explored, and tan lines to be defined.

If you’re wondering what to do in Cancun that won’t have your bank account completely washed-up, look no further! We’ve compiled an economical itinerary for travelers looking to do Cancun on a budget.

Day 1: Beach it!

It’s no secret that one of the most popular attractions of sunny Mexico is its pristine beaches, not only because of its beauty, but also because of its affordability. No matter where you set up camp, whether it’s along the Hotel Zone or it’s in a special secret spot, you’re best bet for one of the cheap things to do in Cancun is hit the beach. Pack a lunch and escape to the reclusive Playa Delfines or soak up some rays and grab lunch at one of the restaurants running along Playa Tortugas. Either way, a day in the sand leaves money in your hand.

Day 2: A Vacation In Ruins

Cancun has incredible history of architecture and natural landscapes. For a more in-depth exploration of Cancun’s history, don’t forget to visit Chichen Itza. The famous archaeological site is one of the seven wonders of the world and makes for a jaw-dropping scene. Admission to the site is cheap, and while the drive is far from the Hotel Zone, travelers will have a chance to really see the Cancun ecology. For some really cool photo opportunities that are a little bit closer to most resorts, check out El Rey Ruins. The site is not only home to some really cool ruins, but also is notorious for being home to hundreds of iguanas that would be perfect for a photo shoot.

Day 3: Sea Life The Way It Should Be

The Interactive Aquarium is a perfect activity idea, especially if you’ve brought the kids along on your vacation. This would be a fun way to spend a day with questionable weather or if you’re looking to get out of the sun for a while. Check out some of the touch tanks, swim with the dolphins, or attend a shark feeding. Tickets cost $14 USD, but you’ll be able to save money booking online. Some of the special exhibits will cost extra.

Day 4: A Day In La Vida

“Going away” doesn’t always necessarily mean that your vacation is an escape into isolation. Some of the most exciting new learning experiences happen right at the heart of all the action. That’s why we recommend that for one day, you take a trek over to Playa del Carmen, a beach-town not far from Cancun proper. With all of the nightlife, restaurants and shopping there, you can get a taste of the Mexican culture. Take a walk down Quinta Ave., check out some of the local markets and grab a bite to eat along the way!

Day 5: Oh Maya Gosh!

Spend the day checking out some historic and contemporary art. First, be sure to visit the Cancun Maya Museum. Visitors get an inside look into some of the beautiful art of the Mayan culture from either side of history’s timeline. Admission includes entrance to the museum and archaeological site. Also stop into the museum’s gift shop; spending a little extra for books, some art, or a travel guide or two will pay you back with some seriously priceless knowledge.

Day 6: Isla In The Sun

What trip to Cancun would be complete without a special visit to the Isla Mujeres. If you budget your week right, this trip can be a breeze too. The cost of the ferry is essential, but other than that, the island is your oyster. Trips, Info, & Tours center is a great place to check for economical package deals, which offer all sort of fun activities for relatively cheap like snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, scuba diving, and much more.

Day 7: A Walk of Life

With nature being about as free as it gets, it would definitely benefit the body and the soul to go for a walk or hike around the city. Round out your vacation by embarking on a self-guided Mural Arts walking tour of downtown Cancun. Last year, Cancun played host to the first Festival Internacional de Arte Publico, a week long arts festival which allowed 30 Mexican and International artists create murals all over downtown Cancun, close to the Parque Las Palapas.

So now you’ve got an idea of what to do in Cancun on a budget. Interested in rolling with the economical state of mind? Visit SellMyTimeshareNow.com to find the best deals on timeshare resales and rentals. Our timeshare specialists can help save you up to 70% off your next timeshare purchase!


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