7 Easy Ways to Save on Disney Vacations
July 3rd 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Every family dreams of going on Disney vacations, but many parents stress about the high costs of accommodations, travel expenses, and park admissions. Luckily, there are dozens of helpful travel hacks out on the Internet to help you save money while still relishing in a fun-filled Disney getaway. We’ve come up with the top seven ways to save on Disney vacation without sacrificing any of the fun!

Pre-buy Your Park Tickets

Buying park tickets at the gate is not only going to cost you time, but money as well. You’ll wait in a long line to pay $20 more than you would if you purchased ahead of time. Another way to save is to buy multi day tickets through a trustworthy third-party buyer. Buying in bulk can save you a significant amount per ticket if you know you want to spend more than one day at a specific park.

Be sure to only purchase tickets from reputable brands. A few we would recommend to enjoy discounts and savings include:

Use Rideshares Instead of Rental Cars

Rentals cars are not only expensive, but they can really tie you down. Parking around the Disney parks can be anywhere from $20 to $40 per day, not to mention the hassle of finding your car in a large parking lot when the kids are in meltdown mode.

Services like Uber or Lyft are affordable and will get your to and from the parks quickly and seamlessly. If your resort of choice doesn’t provide complimentary transportation or access to the monorail, there is definitely your best option. These services generally have great promotions, so always be sure to check to see if you can get an extra discount.

Pack the Stroller

If you think rental cars are pricey, you’ll be appalled at the price of a daily stroller rental. Single strollers will run you about $15 a day and a double sized stroller is around $31. While bringing your stroller from home may seem like an inconvenience, it’ll save you quite a bit of cash. The other option is to purchase a stroller during your trip and donate it before you leave.

Really anything you can bring into the park yourself you should. Rain ponchos, snack bags, hats, sunglasses…etc. Everything is up charged once you step through those magical gates. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the “small” purchases can add up!

Skip the Souvenirs

Vacation souvenirs are fun, but be sure to limit yourself (and the kids). So much Disney merchandise can be purchased for a fraction of the price when you shop in the mall or other department stores. Anything you think you can find online, don’t buy it in the park. It’ll only cost you….and you’ll have to lug it around with you the rest of the day!

Stick to special items sold exclusively in the park such as t-shirts and photos from a ride you all went on. This stuff is easy to pack and is unique to your Disney experience, which will make the expense worth the lifetime of memories.

Consider Your Dining Options

Meal plans can be a big stress factor when planning Disney vacations, especially when you have picky eaters in tow. There are a variety of meal options, but more often than not families skip meals or change up their schedule and end up wasting money on a meal they didn’t even get to eat. Our advice is to buy a la carte. Avoid the combo packages (main dish, soda, and side of fries) unless you’re sure you have that big of an appetite. These meals are often too big for children to finish themselves anyways.

Speaking of big portions, be sure to fill up at lunch time. The portions are generally similar size, if not the same, as dinner entrees but can be purchased for less. You can always choose to have groceries delivered to your room so save money on breakfast and dinner and only eat out when you’re already out and about at the parks.

Carefully Plan Your Travel Dates

It’s no real secret that there are better times to visit Disney than others, but not just because of the crowds! The most expensive time to purchase a vacation package at Disney World includes:

  • Summer vacation
  • Holidays
  • School breaks
  • Mid-March through Easter

Avoiding these blocks of time will not only help you to avoid the crowds and lines, but you can save big with “off-season” package deals. Being flexible about when you travel is key to take advantage of optimal savings. Additionally, with any package you purchase, be sure all the extra benefits are worth the package deal. The packages are meant to be a convenience so that you don’t have to worry about planning anything, but be sure all those extra perks you’re paying for will be used and will actually be worth it.

Stay in a DVC Timeshare

You may already be familiar with the Disney Vacation Club, a popular points-based timeshare ownership program with a great resort selection and fabulous member benefits, but maybe you never considered seeing how much it could save you! While many DVC properties are sold out from the developer, you can buy a DVC timeshare or rent a DVC timeshare on the secondary market for thousands less. Buy a DVC resale and enjoy a lifetime of great Disney vacations for up to 70% off retail with plenty of flexibility to keep up with your changing lifestyle. DVC rentals are incredible affordable one-time vacation options that give you all the benefits without the commitment (though you may end up wanting to buy!). Enjoy luxurious multi-bedroom units with full kitchens, private bedrooms, balconies, living and dining areas, and all sorts of Disney magic. Contact us today to learn more about our many available Disney vacation deals!


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