9 Top Advantages of Timeshare Ownership All Vacationers Should Know
November 7th 2019 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers

9 Legitimate Benefits of Timeshare Ownership

Whether you take annual vacations, are searching for ways to make yearly vacations possible, or are simply considering purchasing a timeshare, there are so many advantages of timeshare ownership that you should know about as you plan out your future travels. Here are just a handful of the top benefits that our experts can think of:

1. You will have guaranteed, quality vacations

No matter if you purchase a fixed-week, floating week, point-based, or fractional timeshare, vacation ownership guarantees its owner a great vacation that is determined by their particular contract. Never again will you have to wonder if you’re going to be able to afford yearly vacations because you’ve already worked your annual maintenance fees into your budget and that booking your accommodations and other travel needs are just a few clicks away.

2. The value and affordability is greater than booking one-off vacations year to year

Typically, planning a one-off vacation has many factors that influence the final price, such as the time of year, the desirability of the accommodation, and how far in advance you’re booking your vacation. With vacation ownership, these usual concerns disappear. Instead of worrying about price influxes, owners simply pay their yearly maintenance fees and are able to utilize their timeshares as they desire.

3. You can choose a brand and Home Resort you love

There are dozens of major timeshare brands and thousands of timeshare resorts around the world, which means you have the ability to pick exactly the ownership that works for your needs. You’ll rest well knowing all of your favorite amenities will be awaiting you at your Home Resort and you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your stay at any resorts within your network when you’re utilizing a brand you know and trust.

4. You will save time and resources searching for quality resort vacations

The convenience of owning a timeshare makes the entire vacation planning process simple and seamless. As a timeshare owner, you know exactly where and when you’ll be vacationing each year. All you must do is call your resort to confirm your reservation, and then book the rest of your travel needs around it. There isn’t anymore hunting for the best deal—you have the best deal right in front of you and it’s already yours!

5. On-site and in-suite amenities outweigh traditional hotel stays

Not only do these timeshare resorts typically offer guests larger, more updated, lavish accommodation options with features like full kitchens and in-unit washers and dryers, but these qualities also extend to the on-site amenities. Timeshare resorts are known to have a lot of additional benefits like multiple swimming pools, kid’s clubs, full-service spas, multiple on-site restaurants and bars, daily and weekly activities, fitness centers, and much more.

6. Timeshare brands have properties located around the world

These well-known timeshare brands are loved for many reasons, and one of the most notable is their variety of properties around the globe and a timeshare owner’s ability to trade their vacations to experience these different places. For example, companies Wyndham Destinations and Marriott Vacation Club have hundreds of properties and flexible internal exchange options, which means they can expand their vacationing horizons while also enjoying all of the comforts they love from their brand’s properties.

7. Many timeshare brands have adopted more flexible vacation club programs

As the needs of timeshare owners have changed over the years, timeshare brands have adapted their programs to be more flexible. Many vacation clubs provide point-based timeshares which can provide owners with options for their vacations such as banking or borrowing points, taking multiple shorter trips as opposed to a longer vacation, utilizing points for on-site benefits or vacationing experiences, and more.

8. Many timeshare resorts are affiliated with external exchange networks

If internal exchanges don’t provide enough options for timeshare owners, many resorts are affiliated with impressive external timeshare exchange programs like RCI or Interval International that have thousands of partnered resorts around the globe. Owners can purchase an affordable yearly membership, deposit their timeshare weeks/points, and then trade with any of the comparable vacations available within the program’s database.

9. You can rent out your timeshare on the years you’re unable to use it

If there comes a year an owner is unable to use their timeshare and do not/can’t bank their vacation for future use, they can more often than not be rented out to another interested vacationer. Renting out a timeshare helps cover an owner’s annual maintenance fees, so there’s little to no monetary loss and their vacation week doesn’t go to waste.


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