All You Need to Know About Club Wyndham Access Points
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Timeshare Spotlight: Club Wyndham Access

Wyndham Resorts is one of the world’s largest timeshare brands in the world with a variety of programs available for their potential owners. In order to make the most of your specific Wyndham timeshare, you’ll want to understand the differences between what you purchased and the other programs available—and Club Wyndham Access is no exception. Our independent experts break down what sets Club Wyndham Access points apart from Club Wyndham Plus points and why it might be the ideal timeshare ownership option for you:

What Is Club Wyndham Access?

The Club Wyndham Access ownership plan is a point-based, perpetual timeshare program within Club Wyndham Plus where instead of owning a deed at a specific Wyndham resort, owners will receive an ownership certificate for the number of Access points they have purchased, which they can use as a form of currency to book their vacations at any of the available Club Wyndham Access resorts. This meaning, Club Wyndham Access is a true point-based option where owners are never tied to a single location, but instead, have the option to explore the many resorts available. Additionally, instead of paying maintenance fees for a single “home” resort, owners pay fees averaged by what the trust owns.

Access owners receive the same benefits as those who have a Club Wyndham Plus membership like banking and borrowing points and Standard/Express reservation windows, as well as Advance Reservation Priority (ARP). The ARP window is 10-13 months prior to check-in and allows Access owners the ability to book their vacations at any of the Club Wyndham Access resorts, as the entire portfolio is considered their “home” resorts. Owners will be happy to know they are never confined to a particular destination, type of timeshare unit, or any other ownership detail other than the number of points they are allotted each year. This ownership is perfect for anyone who is seeking out flexible vacationing options while also being guaranteed high-quality property options through one of the world’s most renowned timeshare brands.

Top Wyndham Access Resorts

There are dozens of US Wyndham resorts available to Access owners, but here are just a few of the most popular:

Club Wyndham Access Restrictions

Club Wyndham Access faces limited restrictions when purchased on the secondary market, as with all Club Wyndham Plus timeshare resales. One of the most notable restrictions for Wyndham Access resales includes the inability to reach VIP membership status and utilize the benefits associated with it. Although some restrictions exist, many buyers are happy to trade off the limitations for much lower price points on the resale market.


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