What Are Americans Saving Money For? [Infographic]
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There is a lot of pressure to plan a dream trip. With an average of 10 vacation days a year, Americans are working to maximize their days off by putting in the extra time to plan and ensure they have a perfect vacation. They are spending more time on this than everyday activities such as reading the news and cooking. Studies have shown Americans are even saving for vacation over buying a house.

Does this surprise you? This research surprised us at first, but when you go back and think about it…it makes all sense in the world! Vacations are important for your mental health and well being. They work to relieve stress and keep you happier in your day to day life. With so little opportunities to get away, it’s no surprise you want it to be perfect.

View the infographic below to see just how much time Americans spend planning and saving for their dream escape.


We can help you enjoy perfect, stress-free, annual vacations.

A timeshare resale is the highly affordable way to ensure you can enjoy an annual retreat without the extra stress of planning and extra hours taken away from your loved ones and hobbies. Purchasing a timeshare on the secondary market allows you to save big on the purchase price, while ensuring you can take a vacation each and every year.

Owning a timeshare takes the hours of research and planning out of vacations. You have a reserved week, or points, to use for the getaway you desire. Timeshare also allow you to exchange your vacation for a retreat somewhere else. This ensures you never get tired of one location.

Does a timeshare resale sound like the stress-free planning solution for you? Browse our selection of timeshares for sale today to speed up the planning process and enjoy luxurious getaways for less!


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