An Expert Guide to Rent Your Timeshare Points
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Learn How to Rent Your Timeshare Points

There are plenty of reasons you might want to rent your timeshare points this upcoming year. No matter the reason, there are ways to ensure you’re not simply paying a maintenance fee during the years you cannot travel. Our team has helped thousands of owners rent out their timeshare points on our marketplace, and we want to assist you in any way we can!

What are Timeshare Points?

Timeshare points are a more modern type of timeshare that allows for more flexible vacationing. Instead of having a fixed or floating timeshare week at the same resort every year, owners can purchase a specific number of timeshare points that act as a kind of vacation currency. Each resort within their timeshare points network has been assigned a specific point value that can fluctuate depending on the size of the unit, length of stay, seasonal demand, and more. Owners can utilize their points to book their vacations how they see fit and how their timeshare limitations allow.

For owners who want to rent out their timeshare points, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are a few suggestions from our timeshare specialists:

1. Consider Booking a Vacation with the Points First

There are two significant obstacles owners face when they rent timeshare points. First, it can be difficult to narrow in on an advertising price for points when a resort brand has multiple locations with different desirability and demand and no definitive reservation. Second, many vacationers seek out timeshares at a specific resort, week, or destination and not necessarily the points to book that desired vacation themselves. This means simply advertising your timeshare points might not bring in potential renters. For that reason, many owners will reserve weeks at a specific resort within their points package and then place said-timeshare up for rental on the secondary market.

2. Commit to Fair and Accurate Rental Price Research

Having a realistic price in mind for your timeshare will keep the entire rental process as stress-free as possible and will increase your chances of renting in a timely manner. One of the top motivations for owners to rent out their timeshares is to cover the cost of annual maintenance fees, and is often a great starting price. After that, take the time to view other marketplaces online to see what other timeshares at the same resort with similar weeks are being advertised for. Once you find the range of similar timeshares, you’ll know the best prices to negotiate with your potential renter.

3. Be Strategic with the Weeks and Resorts You Book

There are many tricks of the trade for timeshare owners who want to rent out their timeshare points, and that includes pre-booking vacations wisely. One tactic is to book the most desired week at a popular resort within your points package with the hopes a renter will be compelled to purchase it for as much as or more than your annual maintenance fees. Another common practice is to break up your points into less desired weeks with the combination of payment equaling your annual costs.

4. Consider Online Booking Rental Options

Not everyone has months in advance to advertise for their timeshare rental and there are tools designed for those kinds of trips! Stress less about communicating and negotiating with your renter and simply place your unit or points at the best price and wait for a renter to confirm their reservation. For example. offers last-minute booking for rentals with check-in dates within 60 days and a 100% reservation guarantee!

5. Create a Safe and Professional Rental Agreement

One of the most important steps you can take in renting your timeshare points is utilizing a rental contract that protects both you and the renter. After you have negotiated and finalized your payment timeframes and methods, you’ll want to send over a rental agreement that includes renter and owner information, damage and additional mandatory fee information, payment amount and methods of payment, and written confirmation of rental transfer. Also be sure to ask for a copy of the renter’s driver’s license as proof of identity.

6. Utilize the Best Timeshare Marketplaces for a Rental Advertisement

The best way to ensure your timeshare points are rented is to use the best resources in the industry to reach the best renters for your unit. is a leading timeshare resale and rental company with over 5.5 million annual website visits and over $254 million in offers. Not only are our marketing strategies aimed towards an audience searching for timeshare rentals, but you also have access to our team of timeshare specialists who can assist you in creating your advertisement, can help determine a fair rental price, and are there for you throughout the entire rental process.

With more questions about how to rent your timeshare points or our available timeshare rentals, please call our timeshare experts today at (877) 815-4227.


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