Destination Spotlight: Maple Sugaring Season in Vermont
March 28th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

While New Englanders are (barely) warming up at the dawn of the spring season, those growing temperatures are already working their magic out in the woods of Vermont. Many travelers looking to vacation in a place that is scenic as well as informative will be hard-pressed to find a better place to go than maple sugaring season Vermont.

Among the beautiful groves of trees in Vermont’s wooded towns, the Green Mountain state features over a thousand sugar houses. In 2016, maple sugaring season in Vermont produced nearly 2 million gallons of syrup in 2016, 47% of the country’s maple syrup. The industry is just as rich as the sap; Vermonters are proud of their sugarmakers and products which makes Vermont maple sugaring season travel all the more exciting for newcomers and veteran tappers alike!

Why Travel For Maple Sugaring Season in Vermont

Maple Syrup Season Vermont is such a popular time and destination not only because the product tastes great, but also because travelers support the economy directly. Maple syrup is all natural, and by learning about the maple sugaring process and buying their products, you’re supporting the traditional agricultural heritage of Vermont as well as local farmers and business owners who work to sustain the fruits of their labor. You’ll also bring a small piece of Vermont home with you to share with friends and family!

Where To Go

Sugaring Season happens statewide. Vermont hosts more than 1,500 sugaring houses, each offering a wealth of knowledge on the sugaring process, from the early stages of tree identification to the final bottling and grading stages. Take a tour of maple sugar canneries and sample some of the delicious nectar.

Some of our most popular Vermont timeshare resales in our inventory are located just miles away from the best maple sugaring houses in the state. The Killington Grand Resort Hotel is just under 11 miles away from Maple Sugar & Vermont Spice; Smugglers’ Notch Resort is a five minute drive away from Edwards Doug Sugar House; Dover Watch at Mount Snow is about 27.5 miles from the Plummer’s Sugar House, allowing for some ample time to take in the beauty of Vermont’s wilderness; and Cedarbrook Resort and North Star Vacation Club are 12.5 miles and 18.3 miles away from Green Mountain Sugar House, respectively.

maple sugaring season

What Else Is There To Do in Vermont?

Of course, what better way to start the maple sugaring season than an enormous celebration for the state’s largest industry. The 51st Vermont Maple Festival takes place from April 28th through the 30th, hosting contests, cooking demonstrations, concerts, comedy shows and more. The state also hosts a number of beautiful murals and other artistic endeavors around the state, some even documenting Vermont’s maple and country scenes. Travel to places like St. Albans, Montpelier, and Burlington and pair art exhibitions with nearby sugaring houses. Pittsford also has a New England Maple Museum, which opens its doors in the spring and features the history of the state’s famed pastime and offers tastings and a gift shop where you can bring some of that Vermont gold back home with you!

Where To Stay

Ready to crawl out of hibernation? This time of year, the state of Vermont really comes alive. Maple sugaring season is a wonderful experience perfect for annual family vacations or for anyone interested in learning about one of our country’s most celebrated agricultural businesses. Browse through our inventory of Vermont timeshare resales and Vermont timeshare rentals to find a beautiful annual or one-time vacation home near some amazing Vermont sugar houses.


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