What Determines Your Timeshare Value? [Infographic]
January 31st 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

Timeshare Value Infographic: 7 Ways to Calculate A Timeshare’s Worth

If you’ve been considering selling your unused or unwanted timeshare, you have likely begun the process of finding your timeshare’s value so you can advertise it on a timeshare resale marketplace. Getting a realistic, accurate baseline value for your timeshare ownership is an important first step in the selling process. These secondary market platforms have proven to be the ideal, legal solution for getting out of a vacation ownership effectively and efficiently, but only if you do your research on accurate pricing.

To start, the timeshare resale market is not the same as the traditional real estate market. Developer-bought timeshares have significantly higher price points because of their many hidden fees, sales commissions, and add-ons associated with the purchase. Additionally, timeshares rarely appreciate, which results in a lower sales price than what was originally paid. However, there are specific timeshare characteristics that can help you determine an accurate value like timeshare brand affiliation, resort location and quality, type of ownership, type of contract, frequency of use, the demand of its week/season, and size/type of the timeshare unit.

Reasons to Find Your True Timeshare Resale Value

Secondary marketplaces allow owners like you to remain in control of your timeshare, which means you have the final say on the advertising price. Finding out the value of your timeshare on the resale market allows you to expedite the resale process by:

  • Compiling many of the details needed to create a timeshare resale advertisement
  • Being competitive with other similar timeshare resales available on the platform
  • Exposing your advertisement to thousands of interested timeshare buyers
  • Helping you receive more interest/offers on your timeshare

More Details On How to Calculate Timeshare Value

Find Your Timeshare Value in Three Simple Steps

Create your own price or utilize one of our independent timeshare resale experts to determine your timeshare’s worth. If you feel it isn’t the right time to sell, but just aren’t able to use your timeshare in the coming year, consider renting out your timeshare to help cover some or all of the annual maintenance fees! No matter which option you choose, our specialists will explain their suggestions, offer you professional advice, and help you through every step of the process—all with no commitment!


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