Dive Headfirst Into Harborside Resort at Atlantis
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In light of June being National Aquarium Month, we wanted to highlight an out of this world aquarium experience you can’t get just anywhere. To fully immerse yourself in aquatic life, you must travel to Paradise Island in the Bahamas, where you’ll find a true gem—Harborside Resort at Atlantis.

Legend of Atlantis

According to the ancient Greeks, legend tells us that Atlantis was an island paradise located in the Atlantic Ocean. This was a place of leisure—no one worked hard, every type of delicious food was available, and there was ample wildlife. It one day sank into the sea and many have tried to explain what happened and find remains of the island.

Regardless of whether you think Atlantis ever actually existed, Harborside Resort at Atlantis will allow you to leave all your cares behind as you bask in the beauty of the Bahamas at a resort that feels like the lost island of paradise.

Slip and Slide

The aquatic immersion experiences at Harborside Atlantis are truly second to none. For starters, their water park features over 18 thrilling slides and rides for every age—with the most notable slide being the Leap of Faith. This epic 60-foot, near vertical drop begins at the top of an iconic Mayan Temple. As you propel down the slide at rapid speeds, you’ll find yourself gliding through a clear tunnel in a lagoon filled with sharks—talk about a next-level water park experience! Spend more time sliding “through” the sharks with the Serpent Slide. This five-story corkscrew slide brings you through the core of the Mayan Temple. Twist and turn through the total darkness, finally emerging into another clear tunnel within the shark-filled lagoon. Wave to them as you pass!

Dive In

The resort also offers snorkeling and scuba diving right on the beach for the most interactive type of aquarium experience imaginable. Enjoy the Stingray Experience that gives you a hands-on encounter with stingrays and beautiful tropical fish. Or, go on a Shark Adventure that lets you wear clear glass helmets to walk on the bottom of the Shark Exhibit at the Mayan Temple.

For a truly otherworldly experience, you can Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis. Dive in with a 60-minute adventure and get up close and personal with the sunken ruins and artifacts of the lost city alongside sharks, spotted rays, and tropical fish.

Get Up Close & Personal

For the kids, there is Sea Squirts, a chance for the younger audience to interact in a shallow pool filled with a variety of marine life including baby stingrays, sharks, and schools of fish. Kids have the opportunity to hand feed these creatures and take home a swim shirt to commemorate the experience.

Of course, no aquatic immersion experience would be complete without a swim with the dolphins. Dolphin Cay gives you an intimate chance to swim among the dolphins in a 14-acre area of crystal clear seawater. People of every age will love interacting and playing with the charismatic dolphins. You can also choose to accompany these creatures on a deep water swim if you’re looking for even more adventure.

Walk Through an Award-Winning Aquarium

If you don’t feel like swimming among the creatures of the sea, partake in a traditional aquarium viewing experience at the Marine Habitat, located right on-site at the resort. Composed of a variety of unique marine habitats and captivating aquarium exhibits, you will love viewing the vast collection of aquatic species.

The Marine Habitat is not only the largest in the Caribbean, it is also one of the largest in the whole world. It features 14 lagoons, eight million gallons of saltwater, and over 250 marine species. Various lagoons showcase stingrays, sea turtles, sharks, sawfish, grouper, and thousands of varieties of tropical fish. Many of the lagoons offer hands-on experiences with chances to feed and touch the fish for more fun interaction.

Experience it All For Less

Find heavily discounted Harborside Resort at Atlantis timeshare rentals when you browse the vast inventory at SellMyTimeshareNow.com. Get in touch with aquatic life in a way you never have before with all the fantastic programs and experiences offered at this unique resort. Call one of our specialists to help book your vacation in paradise today.


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