Disney Cruise Tips for Smooth Sailing!
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Disney Cruise Tips

The famed Disney brand and the ever-popular Disney Vacation Club both offer a wealth of great perks and adventures that families love. Disney Cruises are an excellent way to enjoy Disney magic outside of a theme park atmosphere.

As with any trip or getaway, it’s important to do your research and ensure you spend smartly and have the smoothest experience possible.

We have some Disney Cruise advice that we want to share to help you plan a fun-filled cruise excursion.

Book Multiple Rooms, and Do So Early!

While you might think it’s less expensive to cram your family all into one room, this isn’t the case! Be sure to look at all the ship’s room options and sizes to determine how much space your family needs. Chances are, two small rooms will be cheaper than one larger room. Not to mention, you’ll have access to two bathrooms this way.

In terms of “when” to book, do so as early as possible! Disney Cruise prices go up, and they go up fast. Do your best to reserve your Disney Cruise the day booking opens up, as this is the cheapest it will get. Of course, if you’re trying to book during any major holidays, the prices are going to skyrocket regardless of when you book.

DON’T Use Your DVC Points to Book

Believe it on not, utilizing Disney Vacation Club Points isn’t the best way to book a Disney Cruise. If you are already a DVC owner, you have an allotment of points. And while it might make sense to put them towards a cruise, the value just is not there. And you certainly don’t want to waste those precious DVC Points!

A great alternative, if you don’t want a second Disney vacation in addition to the cruise, is to rent out your DVC timeshare on the secondary market for cash back to put towards booking a DVC Cruise. Disney timeshare rentals are incredibly popular, giving you a very good chance of getting some good money back on renting your DVC property to help book your cruise.

Schedule Your Own Off-Shore Excursions

While you can book shore excursions directly through the Disney Cruise line, this isn’t always advised. Many people do this to ensure the boat doesn’t leave without you. However, with a little extra planning, you can find a better deal.

There are plenty of reputable third party companies available that will offer a variety of tours, excursions, and activities at a better price. Also, you can choose to book in a smaller group to take advantage of some personal bonding time with your family.

Of course, there’s no pressure to partake in any excursions on shore if you don’t want to. Relish in the savings of just relaxing on the beach or visiting the local shops and restaurants.

Take Advantage of On-Board Perks

Disney Cruises are often described as “life-changing vacations.” If you and your family are having an incredible experience, why not plan ahead for the next one?

Putting a deposit down on a future Disney Cruise has some serious perks. You can get a 10% discount as well as a couple hundred dollars worth of onboard credits to use during your stay. Even if you don’t know the specific dates you want to set sail, booking a “placeholder” cruise is always an option.

Disney Cruises features sailing destinations including the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, the Bahamas, and more. There are also special members-only cruises that you can take advantage of when you buy a DVC timeshare. So no matter where you want to explore, do so with a Disney Cruise!


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