Dominican Republic Travel Offices Improve Safety Through New Initiatives
August 22nd 2019 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

The Country’s Ministry of Tourism Looks to Improve Current Dominican Republic Travel Conditions

In response to the tourism tragedies that have happened in the Dominican Republic over the past few months and the nearly worldwide Dominican travel advisory that has been announced, the country’s Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, has recently released statements about new safety initiatives. These initiatives are to be completed as soon as possible and have been created in collaboration with other national departments to help tourists feel confident and safe during their vacations.

Tourist Emergency Center

With the help of the Attorney General, there’s an emergency tourist center being established in Bavaro, a popular tourist destination in Punta Cana which will be accessible to any traveler who needs it. This facility will have multilingual specialists that will be able to act as liaisons between vacationers, concerned families, and government officials.

Enhanced Emergency Information Access

The Ministry of Tourism will require hotels and resorts to place easily accessible emergency information in every guest room. Additionally, hotel/resort staff must review where these details are located within each room and answer any additional questions from guests during the check-in process to ensure all vacationers are informed.

More Frequent and Stricter Hotel Inspections

Following the reports of alcohol from mini-bars being tampered with at some hotels and resorts, the ministry will be tightening inspections of food and beverages at these establishments. Inspections will not only be more frequent, but they will also be more stringent in compliance by requiring detailed lists of their suppliers and food handling protocols.

Close Monitoring of Hotel Medical Offices

The Department of Tourism Services and Companies will be working to closely monitor the medical offices and staff on resort and hotel properties and will remain focused on the qualifications of the professionals they allow to join and continue to work on these teams. Similar standards will be placed on aquatic facilities and lifeguard services.

To learn more about the various Dominican Republic travel info and advice offered by The US Department of State—Bureau of Consular Affairs, please visit their official website.


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