Fondue Yourself a Favor: Celebrate International Chocolate Day with Diamond Resorts
November 24th 2015 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

A Guide To Celebrating International Chocolate Day Right With Diamond Resorts

Food has always been enjoyed the best when it’s a holiday. The excitement builds when you mark it on your annual calendar, the anticipation builds up inside as you count down the days, and when the holiday finally arrives, you celebrate in the most extravagant, imaginative way possible.

So with International Chocolate Day coming up on Sunday, Nov. 29, timeshare owners and coco-lovers will rejoice at some of the amazing things that Diamond Resorts is doing to celebrate!

What Diamond Resorts Offer on International Chocolate Day

Diamond Resorts International will be celebrating the day dedicated to the delicious cocoa bean by celebrating the only way it should be done: with a lot of it around. Owners and guests alike are invited to spend their Sunday with a variety of chocolate treats. Fondue parties will ensure that the chocolate flows like wine, and ice cream socials with also pay respects to everyone’s favorite topping! Test your knowledge or gain some fantastic insight through the resort’s chocolate trivia contest, and partake in some poolside games to burn some calories (so that you can eat some more chocolate!)

After all, International Chocolate Day couldn’t reach maximum celebration without indulging in a lot of it, right?

Ideas for a Chocolate-Fueled Vacation

All of us at will certainly be celebrating one of the greatest things ever invented. With all of us at different walks of life, we found how you could turn International Chocolate Day into the perfect bonding vacation experience:

  • Family-Friendly Fun—Chocolate transcends age. From tots to teenagers to the retired, the whole family can enjoy eating delicious treats together and bond over the chocolate-related activities.
  • Romantic Retreat—Chocolate, of course, is one of the most romantic foods out there. You and your significant other can enjoy all things chocolate and spend the rest of the weekend planning a lovely weekend together!
  • Bros and Cocoas —What’s a better way to bond with your friends than with chocolate-fueled festivities. There’ll be plenty of things to talk about, like chocolate and…well, other chocolate-related things!

So come celebrate with Diamond Resorts at any one of their 330 vacation destinations around the world. can help you buy a Diamond Resort timeshare resale if you’re interested in celebrating the holidays with Diamond Resorts at any one of their other faboulous holiday blow-outs. If you’re looking for celebrating all things chocolate with Diamond Resorts, but are looking for something a little more temporary, you can also rent a Diamond Resort timeshare instead!


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