Generation Alpha and Their Travel Influence
July 23rd 2019 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Who is Generation Alpha?

You’re probably familiar with the Millennial generation, as well as Generation Z, but do you know what the next generation is known as? Those born after the year 2010 are referred to as Generation Alpha, the children of Millennials. They were born into a world of technology and social networks, as such, they become very tech-savvy at a young age.

The term Generation Alpha was coined by Mark McCrindle, a social researcher from Australia. Research shows that there will be 2 billion members of Generation Alpha across the globe by the year 2025.

Generation Alpha and Their Influence on Travel

While Generation Alpha is the youngest generation, they have an impressive influence on the decisions of their parents and grandparents—especially when it comes to travel and vacation experiences.

A global survey was conducted by Expedia Group Media Solutions and Northstar Research Partners. 10,000 travelers with children or grandchildren of Generation Alpha were surveyed, and here the biggest takeaways.

Fun is the Top Priority

While there are many elements to a family vacation, fun is the priority when determining the layout of the trip. Parents and grandparents will consider various activities, attractions, and experiences that will take place on the vacation to ensure everyone stays in high spirits. 95% say keeping the family entertained and having fun is the most important aspect of planning a trip. Travelers will most seek out theme parks, water attractions, and outdoor activities.

Convenience Wins

When deciding between convenience and cost, convenience wins. While keeping to a budget when planning a family vacation is key, but sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more to make things easier on everyone. 52% of travelers say they choose transportation based on convenience. And booking accommodations comes down to location, family’s needs, and price. Family-friendly resorts are also key for convenience.

Children Aid in Planning

80% of travelers said that they have conversations about travel with Generation Alpha members quite frequently. They tend to influence the chosen destination and activities on the trip. While adults make the final calls, they are heavily influenced by the wishes of their children and grandchildren.

Multiple Channels Determine Travel Choices

It’s not surprising that children are influenced by different things than their parents and grandparents are. So while planning a vacation is a collaborative process, there are different channels shaping the decision. Members of Generation Alpha are often influenced by information that shows kid-friendly activities and attractions, as well as what they see on television while parents and grandparents make decisions based on travel review sites, online travel agencies, recommendations from family and friends, and search engine results.


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