Global Discovery Vacations: Your Ticket to Travel the World
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Brand Spotlight: Global Discovery Vacations

If your dream has been to find an exceptional travel club timeshare membership, Global Discovery Vacations provides you with the vacation opportunities of a lifetime. We know it can sound too good to be true, but the amazing benefits this travel brand offers its members are too good to pass up. Here’s some more information on Global Discovery Vacations travel club, their properties, owner benefits, and more.

More on Global Vacations

Global Discovery Vacations was created in 1996, dedicated to providing families with affordable vacations and lifestyle benefits around the world and now serves hundreds of thousands of satisfied owners. They are a resort developer that has created lasting and impressive partnerships with businesses across the travel industry to help their members book vacations at special, low rates for traditional accommodations to cruises to campgrounds and more.

Popular Global Discovery Destinations

From all-inclusive resorts to urban accommodations, Gloval Discovery Vacations provide their members with impressive and unique places to stay in a varety of destinations! Some member-favorite travel locations include:

How Does Global Discovery Vacations Work?

Global Discovery provides its members with a collection of vacation accommodations located around the world and can provide other vacation benefits like cruise exchange vacations, travel agency services, vacation specials, a concierge program, and more. After becoming a member of Global Discovery Vacations, members will receive a membership number that can be used to log in to the brand’s members-only website where you can begin booking your vacations. For vacationing benefits that require a travel agent or a specialist, members can simply contact Global Discovery during their regular business hours to talk with a professional and book their trip.

The price of a membership varies depending on how often you plan to vacation. This membership can be used in a single trip, can be broken down into smaller trips, and can be utilized by your spouse, children, and parents. These memberships are renewable on an annual basis and can be reactivated by paying your current year’s activity fee. This specific vacation membership plan provides owners with the flexibility they need and want in order to get the most out of their future travels.


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