Happy Tourist Appreciation Day! [Infographic]
May 6th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers, Travel

Today is all about you, tourists! Travelers of the world, explorers, roadtrippers, those always looking for the next adventure in a new city—we salute you! Today is Tourist Appreciation day and a great way to wind down National Travel and Tourism Week 2016. This week, we’ve showcased how travel and tourism benefits the local economies everywhere. Where would be without you, travel enthusiasts? We’d have less jobs, higher taxes, and less of a reason to celebrate local culture. And your life wouldn’t be as rich without the joy and fulfillment travel brings to your world.

As members of the travel industry, we are always working to help you vacation better. Timeshares help you to travel to more places, more often, and all for less money. Timeshare ownership is a truly affordable way to continue to travel throughout the years without the extra stress of having to budget accommodations and search for the best deal.

At SellMyTimeshareNow.com, we make it even more cost effective to keep up your travel habit. Browse our incredible inventory of timeshares for sale, all advertised by-owner, giving your huge savings. And travel on, tourists! We appreciate you today and everyday!

tourist appreciation day infographic


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