How to Rent Out a Timeshare Week: A Guide
September 28th 2021 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Rent Out a Timeshare Week

Many timeshare brands and resorts give owners incredible flexibility in how and when they can vacation each year. Though not all brands offer this feature, many allow their owners to rent out their timeshares if they so choose.

Some owners who are looking to sell their timeshares will rent them out as they await the perfect buyer while other owners will rent out their units during the years they are not able to travel to cover the cost of their annual maintenance fees. No matter your reason for wanting to rent out your timeshare, it’s a smart way to save money and provide others with an incredible vacation experience!

If renting out your timeshare is something you have considered but you’re not sure where to start, here’s the easiest and best way to rent out your timeshare:

1. Collect Your Timeshare Information

In order to create an accurate ad and determine a competitive rental price, you’ll want to collect all of the necessary information for your timeshare rental. The most important details to know are the name and location of your Home Resort, the affiliated timeshare brand, the unit size, and the week of travel.

Point-based timeshare owners could have two potential routes for advertising their timeshare for rent: they can either book a desirable vacation with their points before finding a renter or advertise their points and allow their renters to choose where they would like to rent within their timeshare brand’s portfolio of available resorts.

2. Research Similar Timeshare Rentals

It’s always smart to have an idea of a fair rental price (either per night or by week) for your timeshare. Fortunately, there are plenty of timeshare rental inventories at your disposal where you can filter your search by resort, brand, unit size, timeshare week/season, number of points, and more. You can narrow in on timeshare rentals just like yours to see what other owners are listing their rentals for so you can choose a competitive rate.

3. Research the Best Timeshare Rental Companies

Just as it’s important to research similar rentals to learn more about your potential rental price, you’ll also want to take the time to learn about which timeshare rental company is best for your needs.

The best timeshare companies to use for rentals are those who will get your advertisement in front of the most interested renters as possible, have easy-to-use search and communication tools, and will provide you with professional support every step of the way.

4. Call

After completing your timeshare rental company research, you will find that is the world’s largest and most active timeshare resale and rental platform with over $90.4 million rental offers since 2017. Our services are the best in the business and will make renting out your timeshare a breeze.

With your timeshare information in hand, you can either fill out one of our online forms or call our toll-free number at 1-877-815-4227. From here, you will be connected with one of our timeshare rental experts who will take your unique timeshare information, provide advice on a fair rental price for those who want it, and create a timeshare rental advertisement to be shared across our platforms to reach the most potential renters.

5. Field Inquiries

Owners can choose between a hands-on or hands-off approach to the timeshare rental process.

One of’s features that owners love most is that they always remain in control of their ownership. For those who want to be hands-on in the rental process, owners can field inquiries from potential renters. This can include answering questions about their rental and negotiating a final rental price.

Our owner dashboard makes this part of the rental process simple. You will be able to see messages from interested renters as well as contact information for our customer care team whenever you need it.

For owners who want to rent out their timeshare with the hands-off approach, they can opt-in to our last-minute rental deals category where reservations are ‘100% guaranteed’. This particular advertisement lists rentals at a fixed price and interested renters can instantly book their rental of choice without any additional negotiations or communication.

6. Sign a Well-Written Rental Agreement

Rental agreements protect the owner and renter while also setting expectations for both parties. When you use to advertise your rental, we will provide you with a free, well-written, and thorough rental agreement where you’ll receive all of the details necessary from your renters to provide your resort and to keep on file for yourself.

7. Call Your Resort to Transfer the Reservation

Once your timeshare rental is booked, it’s time to transfer the reservation to the renter so they can check-in easily once they arrive. Every resort and timeshare brand can have different rules for rentals, but many times, owners can simply call their resort and request a transfer. Some resorts might require additional paperwork to be signed or submitted, like the rental agreement, to complete the request.

8. Receive Your Rental Income and Use It However You’d Like!

Payment for your timeshare rental can be done independently or professionally. It’s often suggested for owners to handle their payments independently before the renters arrive at the resort to start their vacations.

After payment is submitted and transferred, the money is yours to do with what you wish!

Call for More Rental Information

Still have some rental-related questions? We’re happy to help! has specialists standing by and waiting to help owners just like you! Fill out our form or give us a call today at 1-877-815-4227.


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