Increased Japanese Travel Stats Point to New Timeshare Destination
February 13th 2018 Posted by: smtnwordpress Category: Industry News

The Land of the Rising Sun currently finds itself in an era of rising tourism. Recent Japanese travel numbers have shown an increasing interest in vacationers coming to Japan, and as a result, the populous Asian nation has begun opening its doors to both international and domestic tourism. As such, Japan is beginning to attract more interest in the vacation ownership space as well, with several recently-announced projects by Hilton Grand Vacations Club set to begin this year.

2017 was a huge year for travel growth in Japan, with increases numbering in the double digits. In all, tourists spent 4.4 trillion yen (40 billion USD) in the same year, totaling an increase of about 18%. All of this puts Japan on track to becoming a major tourist destination in the region, rivaling sites like China and Thailand. With Japan’s government reportedly hoping to attract 40 million tourists annually by 2020, timeshare resorts are starting to take notice.

But what will timeshares in Japan mean for travelers and ownership enthusiasts? The archipelago is already home to a number of small timeshare resorts, most notably on the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, making the country no stranger to timeshare owners and club members. However, more luxurious properties are in the works by Hilton, and other brands will likely follow suit, offering vacation complexes you might see in more popular destinations like the U.S., the Caribbean, or Europe.

New Japan Hilton Properties

Hilton Grand Vacations has announced two planned timeshare properties in Japan, seemingly due to the rising popularity among travelers. Their first dedicated vacation ownership property to open in Japan will be the Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa in the Kanagawa Prefecture, just 30 minutes from Tokyo. Hilton Grand Vacations purchased space within the existing property from Hilton Worldwide, planning to redevelop it into a timeshare resort.

The Odawara Resort will be able to open sooner than Hilton Grand Vacations’ second property, the Hilton Okinawa Sesoko Resort. That resort is a new construction project that has already broken ground with an anticipated opening date of 2020. Located on Sesokojima Island, this brand-new resort will feature a dedicated facility for Hilton Grand Vacations members as well as a Hilton-branded hotel. With ocean views, swimming areas, two restaurants, and event spaces all planned to be located right on site, the resort will be among the brand’s first to offer a complete timeshare vacation experience.

Timeshare Travel to Japan

As Tokyo prepares to host the 2020 Olympic Games, Japanese travel is at an all time high. With timeshare interest in the country increasing, we can look forward to more announcements of new resorts from popular brands. If you’re interested in owning a timeshare, you can do so more affordably than ever through the secondary market. Find thousands of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals in popular destinations all over the world and save as much as 70% off retail pricing with SellMyTimeshareNow!


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