Is it Time to Consider a Timeshare Upgrade?
September 22nd 2015 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

Owning a timeshare can be rewarding. Depending on brand affiliation and home resort, timeshare owners can have access to specific services, amenities, and an overall experience that other vacationers might not have. However, the vacation ownership industry is constantly changing and evolving, and new opportunities arise to further enhance your yearly trips.

If you own a timeshare with a resort or vacation club, it could be time to consider a timeshare upgrade. Most brands and developers usually offer upgrades to current owners, and depending on your current situation, it could be worth it. We’ve gone into detail regarding a few popular timeshare upgrades that you can consider purchasing within your vacation ownership affiliation to make your vacations even better.

Eliminating Resale Restrictions

Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club offers plenty of opportunities for timeshare upgrades.

Buying a timeshare resale is always a great way to get a reliable and cost-efficient solution for your yearly trips. Those who choose the resale market can often save thousands of dollars that they otherwise would’ve spent buying straight from the resort or a developer. However, certain brands have resale restrictions that can limit those who purchased their timeshare on the resale market from accessing certain benefits or perks. For example, those who buy Disney timeshare resales only have access to one membership level instead of three.

Some brands extend the opportunity for resale owners to upgrade and eliminate their resale restrictions. This often costs money, but can be worth it if you’re looking to add another element to your vacation experience or unlock features of your vacation club membership that were previously unavailable.

RCI Weeks to RCI Points

Timeshare owners know that exchange companies like RCI are reason enough to own a timeshare. With an RCI exchange membership, there are two ways to exchange—RCI Weeks and RCI Points.

RCI Weeks involves depositing a reserved timeshare week in exchange for “trading power” to book similar accommodations elsewhere. It’s a good program, but somewhat limited. RCI Weeks users are required to use their trading power on one week blocks, and don’t have access to extra travel perks from RCI. However, with RCI points, you can receive a predetermined point value for your timeshare accommodations, and spend those points on long trips, short trips, cruises, travel extras, and more. Upgrading to the more versatile program can increase your possibilities for timeshare exchange and enhance your vacation experience.

grandview las vegas

The Grandview Las Vegas features hundreds of two-bedroom lock-off timeshares.

Upgrading Your Accommodations

Sometimes, all you need is just a little change in surroundings. If you like your timeshare and enjoy spending time there, but are craving something more, you may be able to simply change your accommodations. Several brands offer different types of units at their resorts, enabling you to upgrade to a different type. For example, you could upgrade from “garden view” to “ocean view,” move to a high floor for a balcony instead of a patio, or upgrade to a bigger unit that has accommodations like a full kitchen or a master bathroom.

Owners who travel with families may opt to upgrade to a lock-off unit. Lock-off units mostly come in two bedroom form, with the option to close off one of those two bedrooms. This is a good solution for families who may travel in a small group one year, but with guests the next.

If you haven’t explored all the vacation ownership lifestyle has to offer, consider purchasing a timeshare resale. Getting in touch with a specialist at could change the way you vacation forever. Learn more on our blog or call a representative at 1-877-815-4227.


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