Know Your Timeshare: What is Fractional Ownership?
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As you may or may not be aware, there are different types of vacation ownership. While often times people think of timeshare ownership as owning a single specific week every year, that is no longer the case. While deeded fixed weeks are still available, many vacation ownership brands have shifted to offer different styles of ownership to cater to people’s diverse vacation wants and needs. At, we are you experts on all things timeshare. And as such, wanted to give you the full run down on a type of ownership you may not know much about, fractional ownership.

What is Fractional Ownership?

In the simplest of terms, fractional ownership means that the purchaser owns a part of the title. Meaning, rather than owning time at a specific resort or vacation club, you own an actual share of the resale estate.

Fractional shares give you access to the property for specific amount of time per year. This can range anywhere from one-thirteenth of a share, up to one half a share. Owners can visit their property anywhere between 4 and 26 weeks each year. Fractional ownership is more similar to owning a vacation home than it is a timeshare property in that you can have more frequent and sporadic visitations.

In addition to the number of shares owned, usage rights and reservation plans vary by developer. If you are interested in fractional ownership, be sure you take the time to understand how you can reserve your vacations and the full extent of your usage rights.

What Makes It Different?

There are a couple main differences between more traditional timeshare ownership and fractional vacation ownership, besides the length of ownership.

Fractional ownership resorts have set the bar very high when it comes to luxurious accommodations, amenities, and services. You’ll only find fractional ownership properties at high-end resorts and residences in the most sought-after destinations. With these properties, you’ll have access to upscale accommodations with lavish features and ample space. The decor will be updated, the appliances will be the best and most modern available, and the furnishings will be luxurious. While you do pay more for fractional ownerships, you certainly get what you are paying for!

As most people understand, timeshares depreciate over time, making them not so great for investment purposes. Fractional ownerships, however, can often appreciate over time. This makes it possible to use your property and enjoy it for years at a time and then sell it for a profit. Fractional ownership resales fare well on the secondary market, as they are desirable and luxurious properties that attract many vacationers.

Many private residence clubs sell Right To Use (RTU) properties instead of deeded. This means, the owner has the right to use the fractional ownership property for a set specific amount of time before the resort or residence gets the property back. It is very much like leasing a car or an apartment, you sign an agreement to own the property for a certain time period.

Examples of Fractional Ownership Timeshares

Two of the biggest and best-known fractional ownership brands are Four Seasons Residences and Ritz Carlton Club Residences.

Four Seasons has properties in Scottsdale, Arizona; Carlsbad, California; Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica; and Punta Mita, Mexico to name a few. All of these properties are currently sold out and only available on the resale market! You’ll enjoy great amenities like assistance planning your vacation before you even arrive, flexible check-in (24/7), in-villa dining with gourmet chefs, and even storage for personal items.

Ritz-Carlton features fractional ownership resorts in San Francisco, Aspen, St. Thomas, Hawaii, and more. Ritz Carlton is a name that has become associated with luxury properties and high-end services. It is no wonder these fractional units offer the highest quality accommodations and amenities including personal liaisons, pre arrival services such as cleaning and setting up your residence, a kids program, and fresh meals prepared by talented chefs that are served to you in your residence.

You can uncover a great deal on fractional ownership resales on the secondary market. Start browsing today or call us at 1-877-815-4227.


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