Last Minute Vacation Exchange Options
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Many timeshare owners have the luxury of owning at an RCI or Interval International affiliated resort. If you are one of those people, you know how great it is to be able to exchange your timeshare week for a vacation at a new and exciting destination. External exchange is one of the things that makes timeshare ownership so fun and flexible! But did you know these companies offer additional services to add more convenience to your travels? For those who like to be more spontaneous, you need to know about your options of last minute vacations exchanges!

Both RCI and Interval International offer their own last minute vacations programs that allow their members to be even more flexible and take advantage of last minute deals and trips.

Last Call Vacation with RCI

While RCI members may be familiar with Extra Vacations, which allows you to access RCI’s timeshare inventory to buy a seven night vacation without using your points, Last Call vacation is a very similar concept.

With a Last Call vacation, you get to access RCI’s inventory of resorts and vacations at clearance prices. These can be purchased for cash and you do not have to use your points. So if you’re looking for a last minute getaway, be on the lookout for these deals. They become available up to six weeks before check-in and new destinations are added every day. Last Call vacations are typically less than $300 for a whole week, making it the perfect opportunity to indulge in a luxury getaway for less!

Flexchange with Interval International

With Interval International, you can reserve a discounted vacation anywhere from 59 days up to even 24-hours before check in with Flexchange! This makes last minute vacations easier than ever to book.

To take advantage of this exchange benefit, simply deposit your timeshare unit 14-59 days prior to expected check in and exchange whenever you find a deal that suits your needs. Some of the best exchanges can occur last minute as people’s travel plans change. So while you can get a great deal, you also need to be prepared to act fast before someone else snags it.

While there is no specific way to search for Flexchange exchanges, any exchange that is booked 60 days or less before the check-in date results in a Flexchange. The easiest way to search these properties is to narrow the time period from next month, to six months from the day you are searching.

Other Last Minute Vacation Options

Of course, if you are not a current timeshare owner, don’t have an RCI or II membership, or are just scrounging for a great deal, check out our inventory of last minute timeshare rentals and discover incredible savings on these luxurious properties!

For more information on RCI, Interval International, and other benefits of external exchange, give us a call at 1-877-815-4227.


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