Luxury at Sea: The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection
July 10th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

Set Sail on a Ritz Carlton Cruise

Last year, we talked about all the various brands that offer a timeshare cruise vacation. And now, there’s a new high-end hospitality brand hitting the waters—Ritz Carlton. With their new Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, the brand is seeking out all travelers, including those who have never taken a cruise before but are familiar with the brand’s reputation.

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection features three ships, each with 149 suites that can accommodate up to 298 passengers. The first vessel will come in late 2019, with the first sailing excursion set around the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami, Florida.

The Ritz Carlton Take on Cruise Vacations

Ritz Carlton takes their brand and their image very seriously. As such, they are providing a high-end residential style cruise experience. They know guests put Ritz Carlton to a higher standard, and therefore these cruises will emulate the same services offered on land.

Another major component of the Ritz Carlton brand is catering to the individual and the family. This means no waiting in endlessly long lines from the airport to the arrival on the yacht. Even the arrival area will make guests feel like they are arriving on their own private yacht rather than hopping aboard a large and busy cruise ship.

And while the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection will provide guests with plenty of luxurious elements and pampering, today’s traveler looks for transformation and personal fulfillment. This makes the itinerary key for providing an incredible experience. Because of the size of the ship, guests are able to travel to more destinatinations with more purpose. Ritz Carlton wants each stop to be able to offer meaningful and lifelong memories for guests. Or even for those who just want to relax and do nothing, there will certainly be a breathtaking backdrop for that to happen in.

How Do I Reserve My Cruise?

While the ship is yet to be completed, cruises have already gone on sale to Ritz Carlton and Marriott Rewards loyalty members as of May 21, 2018. And as of mid-June, as now open to the public to purchase.

As far as pricing, a seven-night Caribbean cruises costs $4,600 per person, and seven-nights sailing in the Mediterranean costs $5,600 per person.

While a lot of this process is still in the works, it is likely that Ritz Carlton timeshare owners will enjoy some loyalty benefits in the future.

In an interview with managing director of the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, Douglas Prothero, he commented that current hotel loyalty members will be able to redeem points for cruises. Additionally, this will be retroactive, meaning if members booked now, they will go back when everything is finalized and apply it to their first cruise. Prothero also said that they are creating a Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection Rewards earning program, with the opportunity to earn points into cruise-only programs.

Time will tell how Ritz Carlton timeshare owners will benefit in terms of the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection. Be sure to keep following the blog for more updates! In the meantime, if you’re interested in indulging on a Ritz Carlton luxury experience on land, browse our inventory of Ritz Carlton timeshares for sale.


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