Post Graduation Vacation Ideas Before You Enter The Real World
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Postpone the Stresses of the Real World With Post College Graduation Trips

You’ve received your diploma, shifted your tassel over on your cap, and taken thousands of photos with your proud family…now what? With graduation fast approaching, many soon-to-be college graduates are looking at stepping out into the real world and making it out on their own. But before you take the full dive into adulthood, we think you should take some time to celebrate.

Once you enter the real world, everything changes. It’s not as easy to plan a spontaneous getaway or just disappear for a week or two at a time. Reality will always be there for you and there is a long time until your leisurely retirement days, so take a step back from the years of stress, studying, and tests to celebrate your own accomplishments before you rush into a career path.

While your family will likely throw you a party or several, we have some post graduation vacation ideas that may better suit your wants and needs as you leave your college life for the reality of a full time job and financial responsibilities.

Post Graduation Vacation Ideas

As far as post college graduation trips go, there’s dozens of great ideas and options for you to choose from. It’ll depend on what kind of trip you want to experience, where you’d like to go, and your budget. When it comes to planning the financial aspect of your trip, we can help. We offer a great selection of timeshares for rent, advertised by-owner, in virtually every destination imaginable. These rentals are priced at low weekly rates so they are much more affordable than traditional resort accommodations, plus you get to enjoy the luxurious timeshare lifestyle without the ownership commitment.

Here are some of the top post graduation vacation ideas for recent graduates looking to escape reality for just a little bit longer.


If you have money to spend before your student loan payments start, a trip around Europe is the perfect way to celebrate your college degree before diving into your nine to five. From gorgeous natural scenery to rich history, great food, and wonderful entertainment, Europe should be on everyone’s bucket list of countries to explore and vacation in. Dine and sightsee in France, explore the volcanic island of Portugal, see a Shakespeare play in England, or take in the views of the rolling hills of Italy.

While it’s hard to choose just one top resort across all of Europe, some of our favorites include:

Las Vegas

Maybe your relatives were overly generous with graduation cash and you’re looking to party like a rockstar before growing your savings accounts—Las Vegas has you covered. Dazzling nightlife, high-stakes gambling, bottle service, fine dining, dance clubs, and eclectic entertainment will keep you on your toes and having fun during your post graduation getaway. And sometimes, you need to be completely irresponsible before settling down into your adult life, right?

Enjoy prime access to the action of the Strip when you stay at Grandview Las Vegas. Free shuttle service gets you there and back while the resort boasts great relaxation features like pools, hot tubs, sun decks, and gorgeous city views from your suite.

New Orleans

New Orleans offers a party atmosphere at a budget friendly price if you are still looking to celebrate while saving some money. Bourbon Street offers incredible nightlife along with fun bars and unique eateries that offer a wide variety of cuisines both local and foreign—all priced so reasonably that you can try it all. If you need a break from the party, New Orleans has plenty of Southern charm and beautiful sights to see including art galleries, museums, and picturesque hiking trails.

Stay at Wyndham Avenue Plaza for an affordable weekly rate. This gorgeous property is just far enough from the crowds for some relaxation time in the Garden District, while still being minutes from the French Quarter. Enjoy the on-site pool, jacuzzi, and roof deck for a low-key vacation day.


Before you fully enter the adult world, revisit your childhood by taking post college graduation trips to Disney World. Enjoy the theme park rides, photos with your favorite characters, shows, restaurants, and the all around Disney magic. You’ll also be delighted to see how much fun downtown Orlando can be for adults with plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants with no animated characters in sight!

Stay at Marriott Grande Vista for prime access to both the Disney parks and downtown Orlando. The resort boasts some fantastic features including a golf course, on-site dining, multiple swimming pools, and a full-service spa for luxury treatments.


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