RCI to Offer Shorter Duration Vacations
June 5th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

RCI Targets Millennials Through New Program

The timeshare industry continues to cater more and more to today’s traveler. And leading external exchange company, RCI is jumping right on board. Whether you are a current RCI member or a prospective one, you’ll be excited to learn that, listening to the current wants and needs of both millennials and senior citizens, RCI plans to offer shorter duration stays through their external exchange program.

RCI plans to launch this offering in the next month of so.

“The millennial segment presents a huge opportunity. To attract them, we are looking into developing shorter products, which are not less than three days, as millennials are more into long weekends and interested to take several small breaks in a year,” RCI India Managing Director Sabina Chopra said.

Additionally, Chopra feels that this shorter duration offer has a lot of potential in the senior citizen age group, with a growing population of retired folk who want to travel while also enjoying a wide range of experiences.

With this new targeting approach, RCI stands on its commitment to provide vacation opportunities for families, and those who desire an affordable way to travel and invest in vacations year after year.

RCI and India

Another goal for RCI this year is growth throughout the country of India. Currently, RCI has 160 affiliated resorts with almost four lakh memberships. The goal is to add 10% growth in 2018 with plans to add 40 more tie-ups in India to give members more options.

India also happens to be RCI’s fastest growing market, with leisure destinations being the main draw for travelers. Millennials especially are drawn to these types of locations for relaxation and unique experiences outside of more tourist-esque travel destinations.

About RCI

RCI current has more than 4,500 affiliated resorts all over the world, across nearly 110 countries.

Timeshare owners at affiliated resorts are able to take advantage of an annual RCI Weeks or RCI Points membership. This entitles you to a number of membership benefits, with the most notable being the opportunities to exchange your timeshare week or points for a vacation at any of the thousands of RCI-affiliated properties worldwide.

Consider purchasing an RCI-affiliated timeshare on the resale market for thousands of dollars in savings. Search RCI timeshares for sale today to get started.


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