Reasons to Sell Your Timeshare
September 8th 2015 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

Timeshares offer great vacation opportunities. They allow you and your family to take yearly trips without having to worry about hotel cost inflation. You can travel to various locations with the option to exchange within a network of resorts or using an outside exchange company. A timeshare may have fit your lifestyle when you purchased it, but things come up and life changes. You may be wondering if it is time to sell your timeshare. There are multiple reasons to sell a timeshare. See if your current situation falls under any of these categories.

Financial Burden

While timeshares can be a relatively affordable way to vacation yearly as opposed to staying in a hotel, the costs can still add up. Maintenance fees can become a burden, especially if you have a career change or money doesn’t flow as freely as it once may have. This is one of the biggest reasons people choose to sell. If you believe the price of keeping the timeshare outweighs what it provides for you, it is probably time to sell.

If you’re looking for another option to look into, if you don’t feel ready to sell, you can choose to rent out your timeshare. Owners often choose to rent out their timeshares to cover their yearly maintenance fees if they are not able to use their timeshare on a particular year. This gives you more time to decide if you are sure you want to sell your timeshare, without losing money.

Change in Health

It is possible your health condition has changed and you are either not able to travel, or not able to enjoy the activities you used to partake in at your timeshare resort. Or maybe someone in your life is having health issues and you have become their primary caretaker. It is hard to commit to traveling if you or someone you love is not well. It is not worth paying for the timeshare usage if you either cannot go, or can go but can’t enjoy your preferred activities.

If this is the case, before you sell you may want to consider exchanging your timeshare for something either closer to home, or for a resort that has more activities to suit your vacation needs. If your health issues are temporary, you could also rent out your timeshare until you are well enough to fully enjoy it again.


Babies are born, kids go off to college, higher demanding jobs come into play—there are so many changes that occur throughout life, it is not shocking that you may find yourself too busy to vacation. While you should always get some time off, your timeshare week may not offer you as much flexibility as you once thought it did.

If these life changes are temporary, you may want to consider hanging on to your timeshare and renting it out in the mean time. Or maybe your current timeshare resort is too kid-friendly or not kid-friendly enough. If that is the case, it’s probably time to sell your timeshare and seek other vacation options. One of those options could involve purchasing a new timeshare resale to fit your current needs.

Regardless of your current life situation, we can help show you how to sell a timeshare. Contact one of our timeshare specialists at 1-877-815-4227 to chat with them about your current ownership situation and they will help to find the best solution for you.


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