How Resorts Are Using Social Media Marketing
September 21st 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Resorts, Travel

Social media is everywhere you look these days. Chances are you have a Facebook or Instagram account that you use regularly to interact with your friends and the world around you. People love sharing everything from their family photos, to where they’re out to dinner, to uploading a video from a concert they went to. So it’s no surprise that travel and vacation is a largely popular topic in the social media world.

Social Media Marketing for Travel

It’s highly likely that your social feeds are constantly filled with travel updates and photos. So it is no wonder that resort and hospitality brands have started engaging with social media marketing to interact with their guests and attract more visitors. As Millennials are starting to have families and play a big role in the travel and vacation scene, it is more important than ever that these hospitality brands “get hip” and join the social media craze.

In fact, “travel” is one of the top ten categories tagged on Pinterest. And you can probably tell by your own personal feeds that people love posting about their vacations on Facebook. With these user habits in mind, resort brands are taking advantage and using social media marketing to enhance the guest experience while improving their engagement efforts.

Resorts Brands Offer Unique Social Media Features

Some of the more common methods of social media marketing include resorts sharing user photos, responding to comments on Facebook and Twitter, liking tagged photos…etc. But certain brands are beginning to go above and beyond by interacting online with guests through contests, apps, and more.

The Ritz Carlton brand, known for their high-end resorts and luxuious vacation expereince, has been encouraging guests to get active through the Ritz Carlton mobile app. This isn’t just your ordinary resort app. It acts as an expert concierge, using QR codes to let guests partake in promotions while exploring the hotel or resort they are staying at. You can do everything from touring a property’s art collection, learn about wine pairing, or find out the recipe for a hotel’s signature cocktail. Kids will also love using the app for a digital scavenger hunt to keep them entertained during their stay.

The Marriott brand is making waves with their unique Spotify experience that allows guests to create mood-based playlists to listen to throughout their stay. This Mood Reader channel is extremely popular and the most successful Spotify campaign to date. In the first month of launching this program, over 30,000 playlists were created by Marriott Hotels and Resorts guests.

One of the Hyatt hotels has brought “snail mail” back in a unique way. Hyatt House recently partnered with Postgram to allow guests the opportunity to create two free customized postcards. Postgram blends social media photo sharing with postage by allowing users to upload a personal photo with a 180 character message. This custom postcard is then delivered by mail!

Use Social Media for Travel

Social media can enhance your travel experience and it will continue to do so as more and more resorts and hotel brands take advantage of engaging with guests through social platforms. Continue posting photos, videos, and updates of your vacation! We know your friends and family love to see them, and the resorts you’re visiting love to see them too!

Engaging with your favorite resort or brands is as simple as tagging them in a post or photo or using their unique hashtags. Try it on your net trip!


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