The Southern California Wildfires’ Effects on Tourism
January 4th 2018 Posted by: smtnwordpress Category: Travel

Update On Popular Southern California Vacation Spots

Between November and December, viewers watched the southern California wildfires burn through thousands of acres of land for weeks at a time. For some popular vacation areas such as San Diego County, nearly all of the resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other attractions have reopened and are ready for guests to return. Some took longer than others, but there was a sense of normalcy restored to these areas right before the holidays.

Unfortunately, areas like Ventura and Santa Barbara had a harder time reopening. It’s no surprise that with poor air quality, road closures, closed attractions, spot fires, and many hotels being used for evacuees and first responders, majority of vacationers canceled their southern California vacation rentals and timeshares. According to the Visit Santa Barbara website, there were many areas of the city that are difficult to get to or closed due to the conditions the Thomas Fire has caused. Luckily, it has been stopped and Santa Barbara is back to business as usual with clear skies.

On the other hand, there are a number of other areas being impacted by different fires. Los Angeles faced the Creek and Rye fires, which were smaller but extremely close to the downtown area. Bel Air is currently facing the Skirball Fire and has caused many residents and vacationers to evacuate. These fires also leave behind the threat of mudslides with the protective cover of chaparral normally found on hillsides burned away.

Will Southern California Vacation Rentals & Tourism Be Okay?

Though these fires will begin to dwindle over time, there could be some impacts on tourism, similarly to northern California after their wildfires a few months ago. California’s Wine Country is finally beginning to see vacationers return to the area for fear rather than destruction. During December, many businesses noticed their sales began to pick up as travelers started to take advantage of their lower pricing for the holiday season. Fortunately, it seems that much of life has returned to normal in this region of the state and it will hopefully have the same result in the areas surrounding southern California.

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The team’s thoughts are with all those impacted by the southern California wildfires and want all to remain safe. Keeping our customers informed not only helps us maintain transparency and communication, but also helps each person make the best decision regarding their travel.

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